How does the refrigerator ?

How does the refrigerator ?

Refrigerator today is in every house.And each of us uses them successfully.However, not everyone knows how a fridge, what are the main principles of its work and how it is arranged inside.Let us, in this article, we will talk to all these themes.

Single Door Refrigerators

In such refrigeration compressor motor as it evacuates all the pairs of freon from the unit, which is called the evaporator.And then pumps them directly into the condenser.The capacitor pair cooled and transferred to a liquid state.The liquid freon is sent to the evaporator.There he boil and "takes away" heat from the surface of the device, which we have already mentioned - the evaporator.It is at this point and begin internal cooling of the refrigerator chamber, and thus products.

cycle after cycle repeats the process until the temperature reaches the desired measure.At this point, the motor is automatically turned off.The temperature rises with time - the motor is switched on again.Freezer in such freezers are usually located only in the upper part.The advantage of single-chamber refrigerators can be considered their compactness.They do not take up much space, and so are the favorites for the hotels or, for example, dormitories.

Two-compartment refrigerators

principle is exactly the same.The only significant difference we can assume that in the refrigerator in each of the branches is a vaporizer.Separately, in a separate freezer and refrigerator compartment.The main advantage - freezer, which is able to freeze any of the products, and they can be stored for quite a long time.

Refrigerators with the system «No Frost»

Popular Today refrigerators are equipped with «No Frost» system, differ on the basis of their work.Now we will tell you how the refrigerator of this type.Significant difference

such conventional refrigerators, is that the former is absent in the freezer evaporator (which is implemented as a metal plate or a shelf).In these types of refrigerators, the evaporator (which will be more appropriate to call the air cooler), usually located at the bottom or top of the freezing chamber or the posterior chamber behind the panel wall.But in the refrigerator absent any evaporator."No Frost" - the system of automatic defrost windy type.Such refrigerators tend to consume a bit more power than their "brothers".In addition, refrigerators «No Frost» can make a noise somewhat louder than their alternatives.However, expensive refrigerators with such a system, equipped with a quiet fan, and therefore the noise of them small.The main advantage of such a refrigerator - even distribution of air throughout the refrigerator compartment.

How should work refrigerator

Modern refrigerators should operate silently, nothing should rattle refrigerator should freeze well and correctly, in time, turn off and turn on.The roar of the motor to be barely audible.If you for no reason at all you hear too much noise, it is likely that the compressor does not work correctly, and it is necessary to pay special attention.In any case, the detection of any problems, be sure to refer to the experts, that they have eliminated these problems.Well, if the fridge is still under warranty.Otherwise, the repairs will cost you in the "penny", because all the details, as well as their repair, are very expensive.To avoid this - buy only refrigerators known companies.Avoid questionable firms when choosing the refrigerator.