How to update the navigator Prestigio?

How to update the navigator Prestigio?

Prestigio Navigator is easy to use, high quality made, so it is in the car for many people.However, it is necessary from time to time to update.The device may include a service center or download the updates yourself.Below is detail considered the second option.

How to update the navigator Prestigio yourself?

To update the navigator Prestigio, you need to do the following:

  1. Connect the device to a PC.However, do not rush to start the Device Update: the first thing you need to copy all the data available on the desktop.This backup is useful if the process will take place with errors.You can easily restore the map, thanks to her.Learn
  2. version of the road map, installed on your browser.To do this, go to "Menu", select "Tools", then "Settings", go to "Maps" on the menu.Here, click "On the map," where you see the parameters of the card installed on your device.Rewrite the parameters on paper.
  3. Open a web browser and type in a search engine similar to the map, but with updates.To update the map in the Navigator, go to the "Properties", choose "About device".Opens ten-digit code that you must write.
  4. Download key generator, for example, «keygen».Run the program, enter the ten-digit code in the «Enter your unit id» line.Then select the browser manufacturer and type of card.
  5. Click on «generate» and get the generated code to be stored in a format * sun.Erase all data from the memory of the navigator and write by the codes and file * sun.

That's all, your device is ready to use.As you can see, a free upgrade navigator Prestigio is simple, the main thing - to follow the instructions.Many

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