What is LED TV ?

What is LED TV ?

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What is LED TV?

appears Every year more and more new terms, to keep up with all of this and it is impossible to know everything.Technology is developing in our time rapidly.And to help us always to come online and tell you about any innovations.Particularly difficult task now is to the purchaser when selecting the TV.

What is LED TV

logical to start with deciphering abbreviations LED, which in English reads as follows: light-emitting diode.A translation in Russian is much easier - "LED".But you can not be called LED TV LED TV.What would all this mean?

Roughly speaking, LED TV is an LCD (LCD) TV.To understand what is the difference from one another, turn to the characteristics of LCD TVs.Most of them - is the matrix with the pixels (points of light).By the way, the number of these same pixels and defines the screen resolution (for example, 640x480 = 307,200 pixels).So in LCD matrix illuminated by fluorescent lamps with cold cathode.And LED TVs are LED light sources.It is considered to be the biggest advantage of modern technology, for the use of LEDs allows for LED TVs are very thin.Their thickness is approximately 2.5 cm. The LED TVs will fit into practically any interior.Thus, we get lower energy consumption (40% lower compared to LCD TVs of the same size), longer life and a better contrast ratio, which is not so far away from the famous rival LCD televisions - plasma panels.Just imagine, a natural and deep black color TVs will be led, if they contrast ratio reaches a value of 1000000: 1.

And now remember a big disadvantage of LCD TVs - distortion when displaying moving objects ... The LED TVs this disadvantage will not be due to the frame refresh rate of 200 Hz.You probably immediately understand what LED TV, and imagined the perfect video game or the long-awaited sports match.Of course, this technology is the use of LED backlighting, sooner or later it will become the standard and replace with traditional technology market.LED TVs should not be taken as a new kind of them, it's just the technical development of LCD TVs.

To understand what a LED TV, a closer look at its backlight LEDs.There are two types of it:

  1. White LED - LED-elements are located on the perimeter of the array, that is, the light is distributed evenly, thanks to the special light guide panel.
  2. RGB LED - LED-elements are located throughout the area of ​​lighting and light elements have different colors, that is, different areas of the screen are highlighted in a different color, and it improves the quality of color reproduction.Of course, this type of LED backlighting is more expensive, but its advantages can be found everywhere.Because of this high cost, many companies, for example, besides the Samsung, have to give up this RGB LED, and continue to work with side illumination.

judge the benefits of the highlights was the more difficult when in 2009, Toshiba announced that the "white" lighting even more efficient than the second RGB LED.

We want to draw attention to another advantage of LED TVs.They can be considered more environmentally friendly than conventional LCD.The CCFL lamps (which are used for backlighting in LCD TVs) contained mercury, and LED is absent.Not that this is a breakthrough in technology, but a big step forward.Experts recommend choose exactly LED TV, despite the fact that they are twice as expensive as LCD TVs.But now you know what led the TV and realize that gradually it will become the standard in the production of television sets.