How to update NAVITEL ?

How to update NAVITEL ?

Navitel - is a program that is suitable for PCs and laptops.You can use it to update the maps and programs on the car navigator.This is done automatically.It should be just a few mouse clicks.The program can be downloaded free of charge.

consider how to update to the Navitel Navigator.First of all, it is necessary to ensure that routes were laid correctly, the update should be carried out regularly.To do this, do the following:

  • install on your personal computer program Navitel Update Center.
  • using the USB device to connect your PC.Internet access should be mandatory.Requires Active Sync connection mode.
  • Then run Navitel Update Center.
  • Follow the simple instructions.

Before you update your navigator Navitel, backed up data, which will help restore the previous version in the event of a failed upgrade.Download Navitel can free by visiting the site

Update maps Navitel Navigator

consider how to update the maps Navitel Navigator.This can be done with the help of the two options.

first option

  • Please login and go to your personal profile.In the new version of maps you can download upgrades or devices.
  • Maps should be chosen based on the version of your program Navitel.
  • Next you need to click on the download link.
  • file or file saved on the computer.
  • By downloading the archive, you must unzip it, it does take a right-click on the file and select the command files are being extracted to a folder on your computer.Such actions produce in the case of expansion of the zip file.If the downloaded file in the format nm3, it is necessary to go to the next step, according to the instructions.
  • Next you need to connect your device to your computer.
  • folder with the cards should be clean and bring a new updated version.
  • Start Navitel.If there is no load, it is necessary to enter the program menu, find the settings, and then add the other cards and atlas, and then specify the path to the card.

consider the second option is to update the maps Navitel

  • This option is suitable only for such devices that have access to the Internet.
  • Start Navitel and go to the menu.We need to find NAVITEL further my foods.
  • choose a card for which an update is available and click on its name.
  • you will be automatically prompted to update the map that you have chosen.Click on the words "Yes", which will appear on the screen.After that, the update will be made.

Navigator Garmin

consider how to update Navitel Garmin.You can do this yourself by going to the official site of

  • Select an item on the free map update, which is in the cards section.Then follow the instructions, you need to download the program, she determines the type of card and prompt you to download the necessary update.The process is quite simple, the problems should not arise.
  • If you card is very old model, and you have not updated it, for it may simply not exist for this upgrade.Therefore it will be necessary to buy a new card.
  • If the model Garmin navigator a small amount of memory, the new cards can not fit in memory.Such a card can be transferred to an external SD card.The site has instructions for the transfer of the card.

If you do not want or you are unable to independently update the navigation map, you can contact the service center, where specialists in a few minutes will make the necessary steps.

Upgrade cards from other manufacturers

For example, in order to update Texet navigator, it is necessary to understand the navigation software is installed on the device.This program can be SitiGid or NAVITEL that exist regardless of the instrument.The site provides instructions Navitel, following which it is possible to produce everything necessary for the upgrade.In the same way one should act with other software vendors.If you have questions and problems, you should contact the experts who can help or at least prompt you desired site.Also found in the update online, via which show video.

Now you know how to update Navitel.This information will help you always have fresh maps in your favorite browser.This means you can easily travel to unfamiliar places and not be afraid to get lost.In addition, Navitel warn arranged by road signs, it will ensure the safety of the road by car.We wish you a pleasant journey.