How to use the navigator Explay?

How to use the navigator Explay?

Navigator - a piece very convenient and practical for the modern man.If you bought a brand new navigator Explay, but has not yet learned how to use it, we will help you.So, how to use the navigator Explay?

Guidelines for Using Navigator

  1. drivers all know that the most important - is the observance of traffic rules.Do not configure the navigation device while driving.
  2. Over time, the memory card in the navigator obsolete, and you will need to update them.
  3. Do not use accessories from other manufacturers.
  4. Navigator should be stored and used in a dry place.
  5. Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the browser, you can not use any solvents.
  6. If the power cord or liquid enters the device, unplug it immediately;moisture also should not fall on the screen.

Navigator can be charged from an external source, and battery life.In the upper right corner you will see an icon indicating the battery level.

This is general advice that should be followed.And now let's talk about how to set up Explay Navigator and work with him.

Before the first time to include Navigator, charge it using a battery charger.Outside the house, you can easily charge the device by connecting it to the cable and inserted into the cigarette lighter.To enable the navigator, hold a few seconds the on / off button.So did, to turn off the navigator.To reboot the device, press the mute button.

Once you insert a memory card into the device and connect it to the computer screen will display two icons - the device memory and memory card.If the card is not present, one icon will be displayed.


navigation device supports the following functions: viewing television reception;play video / audio files, text files;photo viewing;system settings;You can listen to FM-radio.To access the card, click on the icon "Navigation", which is in the main menu.

To view the longitude, latitude, and other detailed information, click on the GPS-Info icon.To access the Bluetooth section, click on the corresponding icon.Clicking on the icon with the phone icon, you go to the section calls.In the Settings section, you can manage the Bluetooth function.To listen to music, click on the corresponding icon.