What multivarka ?

What multivarka ?

Modern kitchens are literally overwhelmed by household appliances designed to simplify the process of cooking.And when it comes to choosing a new device - dazzled by their diversity.For example, not so long ago it appeared Multivarki, and not everyone understands why you need this miracle of technology.So what multivarka?


multifunctional instrument that can replace familiar to all steamers and pressure cookers.Intelligent machine is able to displace and microwave, and even a bread maker aerogrill.

Actually, the name "multivarka" does not accurately conveys the essence of the instrument."Multi" - rightly so, because a lot of functions.But not only "cooking" - it puts out, bake, fry, steamed.

Supervise the preparation is not necessary.It is necessary to lay the products, select the desired mode - and the rest will do the multivarka.

Is it also the function of heating and the time delay timer that allows you to prepare for an appointed time.After selecting the program and set the timer to the time of return to work, you can get dinner.Or in the evening program the preparation of a fresh breakfast.

How does

kitchen gadget looks very simple, reminding externally breadmaker.One of the main advantages -. Compactness of the device dimensions on average 30h30h30 cm Power ranges from 400 to 1200 watts.

multivarka is the case with a built-in heating element and a container for cooking with non-stick coating and measuring scale inside.Volume from 2.5 to 4.5 liters.The larger volume devices have two cooking levels, allowing to cook two dishes at the same time.There is a bowl for steaming.

whole unit is tightly closed with a lid equipped with a valve for the steam to escape.An important detail - the water trap, which gets steam from the lid.

cooking process controlled by a microprocessor, and the front panel are touch-sensitive buttons and a display.

What to cook

multivarka But there really is capable of replacing existing instruments and unload our often very large kitchen.Specifically, it is possible to prepare multivarka?

very much.She cooks porridge (there is a special mode).Pilaf in this oven turns especially fragrant.Bouillons, soups, and even jelly can be cooked on the "quenching" function.

mode "Baking" allows you to not only make a casserole, bread and cake, but also to cook baked potatoes, and other vegetables and meat.Baking time 20 to 60 minutes.

In some models, there is a separate function of frying.This meat does not stick, the oil is not sprayed.You can cook and even without oil.

The "Default time" sets the minimum time for the selected mode, which is handy if you do not know how much should prepare a dish.

the main answer to the question, what multivarka?- It is as follows.This device, stopping your many hours standing at the stove.You prepare food, mortgage, and prepares multivarka.