How to use the navigator Prestigio?

How to use the navigator Prestigio?

car has long since become an indispensable assistant, without which it is difficult to imagine a successful life in the modern frenetic pace.But even in the car it is sometimes not so easy to sort out the confusing system of streets and alleys of the city.This is why there are GPS-navigators.For information on how to use the navigator prestigio, how to ask directions and use the other functions will be discussed in our article.


It is best to understand the intricacies of the use of any equipment, including automotive navigation, help guide.It comes bundled with any product in paper or electronic form.But if you, for whatever reason, were left without instructions, do not worry, here you can download a PDF-version of the format.All you need to do - is to select the model of your browser and download the file to your computer.


Before we talk about how to use the navigator prestigio geovision, should install it.To do this, in the car, choose a location where the unit will be in direct access, but at the same time will not disturb you while driving.Typically, navigators attached to the windshield by means of a special bracket, and the front panel of the car.

Next, you need to connect your device to the onboard vehicle network.Be careful!This should be done only after the vehicle is already zavedёn, otherwise there is a risk of damage to the device.


Before using the navigator for routing, it should be well set up.Each navigation model has its own special features.Depending on your preferences and objectives of the trip, the device can pick the shortest route, the fastest of them, the way to avoid traffic jams or toll roads.To learn more about the functions of the machine is your model, it is best to read the instructions.


Difficulties with the operation of the device, as a rule, does not arise.For driving directions, go to the address input menu.As a rule, it is referred to the magnifying glass icon in the bottom left corner.Next, you must enter the city, street and house - end address of your destination.Now, following the instructions of the navigator, you will easily get to the right place.

Happy road!