What is the tuner ?

What is the tuner ?

In today's world to-date information can be obtained in different ways.Some people prefer to read the latest issue of the newspaper, and someone is more convenient to learn the news through the television and radio.To catch the channels and FM-waves on the TV or the computer, there is a special device called a tuner.Also, the device allows you to watch digital TV on a regular TV.

term "tuner" and his views

First of all, we need to understand what the tuner.

The concept comes from the English word and translated - "to adjust."The general definition tuner receiver is treated as a special purpose.Often used synonym - receiver.

There are satellite, TV and audiotyuner.

TV tuner

TV tuner - a special device that receives a TV signal and displays it on a computer screen or television.

function TV tuner - access television channels.In addition, the modern model of the device make it possible to listen to the radio.

clear advantages of the device - the ability to record.The user can record a TV program or radiozvuchanie manually (by pressing the appropriate button on the menu) or automated (in this case, the recording will start automatically on the basis of a set time to record).Moreover, there are varieties of the tuner, which are able to record without annoying ads.

Modern digital tuner allows reception and detection signal different broadcast formats.

Satellite tuner

Satellite receiver - a device that receives a signal from a satellite via a cable, which is connected to the converter satellite dish.

addition tuner has several advantages: access to Internet, record content and the ability to view the pay channels.

Also, the satellite receiver can be used as an external storage device that connects via USB-port.

To date, the device size does not matter.On the contrary, producers are trying to reduce the size of the device while increasing its performance.


Besides the TV tuner to listen to the FM radio, you can use the audio device.

Audiotyuner connected to a PC or laptop and allows you to listen to the airwaves.

Moreover various models of the device can be endowed with features such as auto-tuning, automatic station search, broadcast recording.

How to connect the tuner

Regardless of the type of tuner meaning one device - radio reception and further customization.

device may be either embedded in the appliance and move as a single unit.In the latter case the receiver is connected through various conductors (HDMI, USB, "bells", SCART, S-Video, and so on. D.).Furthermore, if there is a built-in Wi-Fi-module or an external adapter, the device may be connected wirelessly.In most cases, the unit works with the remote control.

also a tuner in the form of a card reader.In this case, appliances must have a special connector.

devices are not only external but also internal.Then the device is a chip that is connected directly to the internal connectors technology.

proper functioning of the receiver you want to install all the required software (included is the installation disc).

how to connect and configure a TV tuner, you can find in our article How to connect a TV tuner.Moreover, the author tells about some of the features of the device.

method of installation, satellite tuner connections and settings, see the article How to connect the plate.Here, the author of the publication steps describe the algorithm the connection of the necessary equipment for access to satellite television.

tuner for tuning musical instruments

addition to radio and TV tuner used for tuning instruments.In this case, the device is a separate device or a special computer program.

The simplest device models designed only for one type of configuration tools (eg, guitar or piano).While advanced models can customize musical instruments of the whole orchestra.

Furthermore, isolated professional receivers, which are mainly used by musicians on the stage.

As for software, the hardware configuration is performed through a special application, which are often written for a single instrument.

For information on how to tune your guitar using the tuner can be found in this article.