How to use the navigator Navitel ?

How to use the navigator Navitel ?

Many have already established themselves Navitel Navigator for android.Now we have to understand its operation and functions.For information on how to use the navigator Navitel, tell our article.

Positioning and installation of the route

  • maps for Navitel Navigator can be downloaded from the Internet.You must first activate the GPS on your phone.To update the traffic jams on the Internet to choose the appropriate option:
    • always allow;
    • permit;
    • ban;
  • now find the satellites.Click on the green icon "satellite dish".Open menu: turn off GPS, satellites, adjustment, cancellation.Then click "satellites."After finding the required number of satellites, press the "Back" button to go to the home page.Now the program will automatically detect your location;
  • Then press "Menu" button, where we see such proposals: the address next to the map, waypoints, history, favorites, the coordinates, Navitel sms.Select the "address."
  • Now select the street and house number, to which you want to go.
  • Then press the button that says "Let's go."The program immediately paving the route, the final destination of which is checked.

Waypoints and routes adjustment

When you need to stop in a place that does not fall into the paved route, it is necessary to:

  • Move the map to the desired location.
  • Now you need to zoom in and press your finger or stylus on the city.
  • Save point and ask her name.
  • then click on the "Find" button, then click on the "Waypoints".
  • Here it is necessary to find and choose our city, the menu will appear.In this menu, click on the button "View Map."Top
  • screen press the button "Drive."

Any amendment of the route need to keep pressing the button "Export".

Personal settings

To configure Navigator "by itself", you must enter the "Menu", which is located at the bottom right of the screen.Next you need to select "Settings."In the "Settings" has 6 points.We will look at 3 basic:

  • first tab - a "map."There are 2 display options: "Track" and "north-up» »
  • second tab - it's the" Navigation ".Here you can select the "type of transport", "route" (you can select the "straight" or "on the road" and "short" or "fast").In the "Introduction" can be set "with care sensitive route" and the "prevention of maneuver."
  • third tab - a "device."Here you can adjust the sound, power and clock.

Now you know how to use Navitel.Navigator 5.0 will be your indispensable assistant in the way.