A-GPS: What is it?

A-GPS: What is it?

technology A-GPS is a standard GPS technology with rapid cold start, which occurs due to the calculation of the distances between the server GPS antenna signals.

Currently, A-GPS technology is used in many cell phones, which also has a GPS receiver.Unlike LBS technology, GPS technology, as well as A-GPS, satellite systems require.

GPS Differences from the A-GPS

main difference between the A-GPS on the GPS technology is that conventional GPS receiver is usually lower cold start compared with A-GPS.

letter "A" in the title means "Assisted", which indicates that this technology is the standard GPS-assisted technology, ie a kind of supplement.

Issues that are fixed technology

A-GPS corrected following a standard GPS receiver issues:

  1. The first problem has been fixed with a cold start of the GPS receiver.The fact that the inactive device equipped with a GPS receiver needs to receive data from a satellite, to start to determine its location.The longer the device has been inactive, and in particular, has been inactive for longer than a GPS receiver, the longer time required to perform launch and position determination.For example, when an inactive status for more than 6 clock device equipped with GPS receiver, the satellite can be determined within 40 seconds, while the A-GPS technology speeds up the identification device 2-3.
  2. second update was to improve the visibility of the device.Each user in the mobile device which integrates a GPS receiver, aware of the problems with the detection device in the city, particularly in enclosed spaces.By transferring information between the antennas, is located on the continent, the device can be determined with higher probability even if the user is indoors or in a tunnel.
  3. Finally, was corrected a problem with high power consumption of the receiver GPS.

features A-GPS

A - GPS technology allows you to determine the location of the device using base stations.The best signal will be a place where there are many such stations, respectively, will be the worst edge of town.A-GPS technology allows you to receive weaker signals.

pluses and minuses

Summing up, we can say that A-GPS technology has good advantages over standard GPS, and it is quick and fairly accurate determination of coordinates from the moment the device and, in particular, a receiver, and a good definition of the so-calleddead zones compared to GPS technology.

By cons include A-GPS will not function when turned off GSM module and bandwidth consumption that can lead to serious costs while in roaming.

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