How to enable the navigator ?

How to enable the navigator ?

In today's world, with its sprint pace, GPS navigation is a very desired and popular feature.With it you can easily find out your location, as well as pave the shortest route to the desired destination.Navigator is convenient because it can be included on a completely different mobile devices.Such devices could be: a personal computer, directly browser or mobile phone.

GPS navigation on your mobile phone and computer

most optimal way to connect to the navigation - is the use of this function directly from your cell phone.To do this, you need to know how to turn on the Navigator phone.First, you must download for mobile phone navigation system you need the card.Such maps are freely available to absolutely everyone.They are located at various official sites of GPS systems.Once you have uploaded the card, you must enter the phone in the menu item "Navigation", go to "Settings" and select "Load Map".After these steps, your phone will automatically redirect you to the desired web service, where to select the card for a specific region (the region in which you live).

Then you need to choose "Start Navigation" or click "Maps."After a short period of time will the first load.On your mobile phone screen you will see the point of your location, located on the map.This means that the browser is installed and connected.Now you can easily lay you need routes, calculate distances between points of movement, as well as to specify the destination.

Connection Navigator on the PC contains the same actions as when on a cell phone.But in most cases, PCs and laptops, as opposed to smart phones and phones are not equipped with GPS navigation chip, so determining your location may not be very accurate.

GPS navigation

car To use the navigation system in the car, best GPS navigator.The process of how to enable the navigator on this kind of device is quite simple.In the menu, enter the "Navigation" application and choose "Insert card mode" section.This will bring up a page with the map.It will flash point - a place of your current location.

Since the instrument will be in the car, it should be installed on the dashboard of a car in a convenient place for you.To do this, use special screws that are included with the system or with suction cup fixture.You can also connect the charger with a special adapter to the cigarette lighter, which will ensure a long battery life of the device.