whether the water meter is beneficial ?

whether the water meter is beneficial ?

In accordance with the Federal Law of 23.11.2009 №261-F3 homeowners in apartment buildings must have been set up to July 1, 2012 individual devices for flow metering Hot and cold water.Many have already installed meters in their homes, and those who doubt whether the water meter is favorable, jointly pay the bills for its overspending.


If you live in an apartment and expend water only to standard human needs, the installation of meters will reduce utility costs for water.

In case the temporarily absent from any of the family members, you will save considerably on utility bills.Everyone who lives in the apartment of a person consumes an average of only 30-50% of the established norm.One person can make savings of up to 500 rubles per month.This will be a significant amount, especially when living in an apartment less people than prescribed.

Many doubt whether water meters are advantageous in the case when the house lives a greater number of persons than prescribed.However, the difference between actual consumption of water and the norm is so great that even if the apartment is home to four people, and is written only three, the actual expense on account of the instrument will be lower than indicated in the receipt at a rate of three people.And it is still afford to save on utility bills substantial amount.

payment mechanism is very simple and clear to everyone.Every month you will take readings of devices and transmit this information to EIRTS.Data on water consumption may be transmitted by any convenient means of communication: via Internet, phone, fax and address forms, personally delivered to EIRTS.

in taking the readings from the instrument accounting is necessary to pay attention to the condition of sanitary devices in the apartment, keep them in good flush tank and all the taps in the bathroom, in order to prevent water leakage.

counter service life depends on the date of the next verification.Instruments are factory have attorneys.Calibration interval specified in the data sheet.State Standard of the Russian Federation set calibration interval, which is

  • for counters measuring cold water - not less than 5 years for
  • counters changing hot water - not less than 4 years.

Now you know it profitable to put water meters.