How to choose a browser ?

How to choose a browser ?

well-chosen instrument for navigation will give you confidence on any road.You will no longer worry about the correctness of the chosen path, because the smart device can not only to determine the shortest route to a specific location, but the voice will tell about the closeness of the rotation and the necessary manipulations.The correct choice depends on the navigator ease further exploitation.

When choosing a browser is important to consider where and how you plan to use it.If within the large city the module on which the device works, is not so important (in-dash metropolis operate all systems), then on country walks or while traveling, it is desirable to know exactly what the device will refuse to work in the most crucial moment.

Navigator How to choose: basic criteria

accuracy and reliability of the receiver

the key components of the navigator is a special data chip receiver is transmitted satellites in Earth orbit.Currently there are two positioning systems: the American GPS (Global Positioning System) and the Russian GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System).Navigators may interact with one of these systems, as they are both primarily owned by the military developments and defense ministries of the countries.

In general, the receiver's job is to register the signal sent to earth by satellites with a frequency of about 1,000 times a second.On the basis of calculating the registration time of the signal and identify the whereabouts of the data object.For more information about receiver performance technology can be found in our article How does the navigator.

For ease of device it is important that the chip worked effectively pinpointing the coordinates.Choosing for themselves navigator, find the instructions or ask the seller what the "cold start" (get the first reading) and "warm start" (secondary positioning).The smaller these parameters, the faster the device, updating the results of the measurements, and thus accurately determine your location.

database as a device

you quickly get to the place, if the card is downloaded to your device will be compiled as accurately as possible, taking into account changes in the settlements names, street and so on. D. Find out the date of publication of the program used a specific model, checkwork unit, finding objects known to you.It is worth to also ask the seller how to install the update database.Well, if it can be done independently by connecting the device to your computer via Bluetooth or USB-cable.

speed and accuracy

data processing speed depends on the processor used in your vending model.By the way, most of the more or less well-known manufacturers in this area is almost equal: devices work efficiently and quickly, providing you with accurate results.

When choosing specify frequency of data updates.It can range from 10 to 1 times per second.Naturally, the more frequently it updates, the better and faster you get evidence.Ease of handling

To chat with the navigator gives you pleasure, choose the unit, taking into account:

  1. screen size.The higher the score, the easier it will be to use the interface of the device, for most devices today has a touch screen.
  2. ability to identify bottlenecks in the road, or, more simply, "traffic jams".Navigator, which does not define a "plug" in the city to use inconvenient, but it is suitable for movement on the track during the country visits.Devices recording "plug" is used in Bluetooth or GPRS.First concede a second as long as the data is loaded, and to begin work required to include each time the function of "traffic jams".The latter usually have a constant connection to the network, so give readings quickly.
  3. Additional functions.Modern navigators equipped with voice announcement, the possibility of installing a memory card of large volumes, USB-connectors, and so on.. Many devices support the media that makes it possible to view movies and videos.The navigator integrated alarm function, organizer, calendar, address book, and it allows you to use the device as a portable computer.Of course, additional features affect the cost of the device, so choose what you really come in handy.

Before starting work with the new device, see our article How to use the navigator.