How to set up your headset ?

How to set up your headset ?

Some users of older phones encounter difficulties when installing the headset.The interface of these devices is far from perfect, but they are reliable, cheap and, therefore, is still popular.In this article you will learn how to configure the bluetooth headset to work with some of the popular brands of phones.

How to set up the headset: User

First, make sure that both your phone and headset are turned on.Then translate the headset into search mode device.

On M2500 headset models from Platronics is done by setting the multi-function wheel to the "up" and pressing the call button.If you have a headset M3000 or M3500, it is necessary also to rearrange the wheel up, and then, click Answer button on the call and the lower the volume control knob.Until then, until will flash green and red LEDs headset, do not change anything in its settings.

Phone Settings

After installing the headset in the search mode, you need to set up your phone.For this "search Bluetooth headsets" must choose in its menu.When the phone and the headset detect each other in the mobile phone menu, you need to specify the model of the headset.In the example described, it will be «M2500 by Plantronics» or «M3000 / 3500 by Plantronics».Setting procedure of some specific phone models described below.

When the phone prompts to enter your password, enter "0000".The headset is now set up and attached to your phone.If, after several attempts, a headset, you can not connect it to the phone, you need to call the help desk Plantronics.Now touch on details of how to configure the bluetooth headset for individual phones.

Siemens S55

Press the Menu located under the word, which is present on the screen.Then bring the pointer to the "Setup" and press the "Select" button.Switch the button "down" and "up" joystick, select "Connectivity", there go to the sub "Bluetooth", select "Options" and then "Activate".

Next to "Options" menu, select "Search for", and press "Access".At the same time on the screen will be Bluetooth-enabled device.Choose from these M2500 (3000/3500) Plantronics and press "Select".Now the phone prompts you for a password.It is necessary to introduce, as has been said, "0000" and click Ok.

Nokia 6310

Go to phone menu and select Bluetooth.Select the "On" position and press "Select".After that the phone will see your headset, if it is in search mode.Select it (M2500 (3000/3500) Plantronics) and press "Select".Then you will be asked to enter the password ( "0000").

Ericsson T39

including phones, visit the menu "Extras" and click "Yes".Now look for the section "Bluetooth", select it in the item "Operation Mode" and set it to "On".

To find Bluetooth-headset, close, go to the item "Paired Devices".Select it in the option "Add Device" - "Phone Initiates" - & gt;"Headset".After that appeared in the list of devices, select your headset, keep the password "0000" and click "Yes".

garnish How to connect to a computer

Before you configure the headset to the computer should be connected to USB-port Bluetooth-adapter and install the driver on it.Now translate the headset in the search mode, just as you did when you connect it to your phone and follow these steps.

  • the Bluetooth icon in the system tray you have to right-click and choose from context menu "Bluetooth Setup Wizard".
  • From the resulting new list should indicate "I want to find a specific Bluetooth Devise ..." and click "Next."
  • computer starts searching for Bluetooth-enabled devices that are nearby.It is important that at this point the headset remains in the search mode.If all of a sudden she came out of this mode, run it again, but on the computer, click "Search Again".
  • When the headset is found, and its name will appear on the computer screen, click on it twice.
  • window will appear asking you enter the PIN.Enter "0000" and press the "Initiate Paring".
  • Now the screen should appear services available for the headset.Next to each of them tick and click "Finish" button.
  • Now as soon as you press the answer button on the headset, it will connect to the computer as an audio device.Another way to connect it by clicking the right mouse button on the Bluetooth icon in the system tray and selecting the submenu "Quick connect" - "Head Set" - "Headset".The same actions headset is disconnected from the computer.

headset is connected to a computer.Now, to talk through it with Skype or listen to music through it, you need to install this device is used by default in the Windows or Skype, respectively.