How to adjust the volume ?

How to adjust the volume ?

Manufacturers of operating systems always set the settings for all of its programs on average.Installed on the computer sound card, from the very beginning will not work at full capacity it.There are always several ways to increase or decrease the volume of playback devices to the computer maximum or minimum value.


device must first to the connected device have been properly determined by the system.Every time you want your computer to adjust the headphone volume, subwoofer or the speaker system, you need to specify the optimum for the device settings.Such actions are performed when the connected audio device to the rear or front of the PC.Once the device, a dialog box appears on your desktop, in which the user can select the type of the connected audio equipment.

Example: Connect the computer to the subwoofer, as soon as you want to set the parameter of the system "Subwoofer / O to the central channel."In this case, you are allowing the system to adjust the volume on your computer to the maximum volume when playing music later.If you have identified as a subwoofer output sound to the rear speakers, or any other parameter, the sound volume will be lower.

adjust the volume

Then, after you connect to your computer audio playback device, to achieve the minimum or maximum volume, you need a simple operation.Double-click the left mouse button on the Volume icon, which is located in the system tray on the right side of the taskbar, and the left of the clock.On your desktop appears, where there will be four volume control (default).With their help, you can adjust the volume of a microphone and headphone volume, connected to the computer.In the upper part of the window you can see a tab titled "Options", which you need to open.

Once you have turned to open the "Settings" tab, you must select "Properties", a couple of times by clicking on it.As a result, a dialog box appears that allows you to configure the volume, and change the status of those or other parameters of sound settings.Then you need to tick in front of the parameters that need to be changed in the future, and then apply the new settings.

activate all settings, you can see that the window displays a much larger number of different volume controls various devices.By putting all the controls in the top position, you will be able to maximize the volume to maximum.

This is important

To adjust the volume on a laptop on the level that you need, you want to do as described above.We should not forget that before the change of adjustment on any device, be it a laptop or computer, you must be sure to wait until the status of the device, when all automatic settings to connect external devices to complete their installation.Otherwise, the probability of failures in computer operation and installation of improper operation of connected devices.