How to choose the speakers ?

How to choose the speakers ?

All speakers are divided into multi-channel and dual.Multichannel imply multiple channels (3 to 8).Every year, it is this type of speaker is becoming more and more popular.With regard to two-channel, among these advances are not observed.To choose the right sound system, it is necessary, first of all, decide what you are going to do with her help, and then to solve all outstanding issues with how to choose the right speakers.

What makes the speaker system

main materials used in the manufacture of the speakers - it is plastic and fiberboard.The cheaper model, the more plastic in its composition.Sound passing through it, it is distorted, so the quality of music playback with these players is very low.However, the most interesting and modern forms of audio systems are capable of producing it plastic players.Thus, the only correct option when choosing speakers - this acquisition made of natural wood, acoustic systems.They are much heavier, but apparently looks quite majestic.The cost of these speakers is not less than a thousand dollars.

What should draw attention

biggest mistake today's buyers - purchasing speakers after a quick view of the external appearance of the device.First, it is necessary to listen to the works selected by the system, and only then make your choice.If you have something does not suit in the preview, do not hesitate to say that the staff shop.Do not trust the reviews on the Internet, they can be written by people totally unrelated to the purchase of audio - system, dummies.If you what to believe in the network, only the dimensions and other parameters of the mass.If there is already talk about "stuffing", then it should be checked only in person and only in the presence of the staff member.Power - this is the main buyer fraud.Very often in the advertisement it stated limit 200-20000 Hz, but in fact it turns out that the speaker sound is not more than 150-300 Hz.Such deception is immediately obvious, because to include music in the audio system of 20 000 Hz, you can immediately say goodbye to all the glass in the apartment.

The second thing you need to pay attention, if you do not know how to choose the speakers - is the presence of reflex, ie a special hole in the back of the device, which is necessary for better sound with a low frequency sound.If this is not available, the sound quality is poor even in the most expensive column.

Thus, the price when selecting speaker plays a secondary role, because you can choose the speakers and the presence of small funds, the main thing to know what to pay your attention.Now look at how to choose the speakers to the computer.

Acoustics Computer

modern shops selling audio systems offer the choice of the buyer, not only finished products but also its derivatives, in order to collect their own audio system.However, it should always be borne in mind that the rear and front speakers are necessarily sold in pairs, and a center speaker and a subwoofer contain at least one speaker.

When purchasing speaker necessarily need to look at its frequency and power.Power determines the mechanical reliability of the speaker, not the sound volume as many mistakenly think.As for the volume, it depends on the sensitivity and in most cases it does not exceed 85 dB.Maximum frequency purchased acoustics should not be more than 35 000 Hz, and a minimum of at least 20 Hz.

Also pay attention to the fact that the speakers were compatible with a sound card.If you have a high quality sound card, then in any case it is impossible to buy cheap speakers, and vice versa.

isolated and vented indoor Among the speakers types.Closed-type speakers are very simple, but when you play them on bass works, they are very much distorted sound.Bass reflex - a hole in the front of the panel, which is located next to the speaker.However, this device is made to sound better, it is necessary that the column had a volume of more than 1 liter.

In order to know which to choose for the computer speakers, it is important to take into account the presence of tone control, with which you can select the lower and upper frequency sound.Preferred, when this control is located on the front of the speaker.Now, let us consider how to choose the speakers in the car, and what you must pay special attention.

Acoustics Car

car - it is a closed complex environment in which you must take into account many parameters needed to create high-quality sound.There are several problems that prevent a good sound in the car:

  • person listening to the music stored on the side of the playing dynamics.Because of this, the sound from the nearest speaker comes to us faster than sound from far;
  • midrange and tweeters is necessary to have it in front to the sound stage was correctly formed.This result can be achieved by creating a rack;
  • ongoing commitment to enhance the bass.The sound of any product will be quite different if the bass is not a sub woofer, placed in the trunk, and the front panel;
  • huge amount of background noise that appear when the engine is running.

The most important point is the following when choosing a speaker system in the car.No matter how much money you spend on the purchase of the speakers, it is important, how and who you will install them.Therefore, you can buy a sound system, and cheaper, but it is desirable to establish a service center specialists.

It is best to have speakers in the front, while the driver and his passenger sounding music will be presented in the best possible way.Now we need to consider how to select speakers for the home.

acoustics Selection for going home the same way.First of all, looking at the appearance of the product quality.If the speakers are made of chipboard or thin wood, the sound is good and the quality.Then be sure to listen to the sound of several compositions in various styles: pop, rock and classic.If you are satisfied, ask them to explain to you how much power in this speaker connectors and how it can be regulated.Now we look at the price.A high price does not always justify the high quality, so do not trust the advice of sales assistants, as their main goal - to sell the most expensive item.Try to choose speakers for home alone, so she please not only their appearance, but also the sound quality.Only then you will enjoy the musical work and do not pay any attention to that.