How to choose a lawn mower ?

How to choose a lawn mower ?

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How to choose a lawn mower?

The store offers a wide range of lawn mowers.That is why coming to them is extremely difficult to determine the type and functionality of the equipment for cottages and country houses.To buy the right model, you need to know how to choose a lawn mower.This will help the recommendations presented below.

petrol or electric mower

The main question is to the purchaser - how to choose a lawn mower: gasoline or electricity.Each of these types has its own advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Petrol lawn mower.Such equipment has a high capacity and can operate over large areas without any problems.However, they pose a lot of noise and exhaust is released.on their operation costs go higher than when using electrical appliances.Petrol lawn mower is better to buy for large areas where it is necessary to perform a substantial amount of work.
  2. electric lawn mower.This device operates almost silently.It is environmentally friendly, and operation goes to two times cheaper than the petrol unit.However, it can be used in small areas, such as the power lawn mower is low, and the presence of the wire makes it not too mobile.

Important characteristics mowers

When choosing a lawn mower is also required to pay attention to several important characteristics, namely:

  • mowing width.The greater this parameter, the better.It did not need to do multiple passes by mowing the grass, that is, the processing area will take less time.
  • knife.It is best if the lawn mower is equipped with a wide knife with a large blade, because then it will create a powerful airflow.As a result, the quality of the site will be an excellent treatment.
  • wheels.They play an important role in the usability of the machine.The larger the diameter of the wheels, the easier it is to move and control the instrument.
  • Collector.This element of the mower must be tough.It will collect grass clippings.Hard to clean the grass catcher is easier than softer.
  • engine power.This parameter is very important.We must choose it according to the area of ​​its territory.So, for areas up to 100 square meters.m. suitable electrical appliances with a capacity of up to 1200 watts.If an area of ​​over 100 square meters.m., then select the mower at least 1400 watts.If you buy a gasoline unit, its power should be in the range of 3-6 horsepower.

If your site is quite small, you can buy an electric or petrol scythe - trimmer.It is compact and lightweight.For information on how to acquire it in detail in the article Trimmer: how to choose.