How to choose a compressor?

How to choose a compressor?

Application correctly selected compressor with a certain type of work allows you to efficiently and quickly implement painting facility.Before you choose a compressor, it is necessary to determine the specific type of the equipment.The main types of work in which the compressor is used:

  • for applying paints, primers and varnishes with the help of the gun;
  • to purge the various devices and components;
  • For the application of corrosion-resistant compositions, especially in hard to reach places.

By type compressors are divided into screw and piston (air).Screw compressors are more expensive, but, despite this, they are more profitable, because during operation, the potential to save up to 30% of electricity consumed.As for piston compressors, their application in more convenient and simple.Which to choose depends on the compressor embodiment of application.The most common uses of compressors:.

  • Painting malootvetstvennyh surfaces, small size (. Garage door, country fence, etc.) When carrying out this type of air compressor is best suited to the performance of 50-90 liters per minute, and with a receiver 25-50 liters.When buying such a compressor is not necessary to give priority to the holder of the lowest prices, because of the high likelihood of failure due to poor quality.And for repairs need to spend a "decent" amount of money.
  • Carrying facade work.In the case where the painting will produce a large part of the surface, and the quality of the work performed is in the first place, it is necessary to give preference to the screw compressor.
  • Professional painting various surfaces vida.Pri carrying out works related to the professional activity, should give preference to the purchase of a screw compressor.And in any case should not chase the cheap, because the quality of such work should be at a high level.

Compressor for

home So if you have to do the work for personal purposes by painting a small surface, and at the same time, the quality of the result does not play a major role for you, then choose the air piston compressor.But if you need to produce high-quality paint, it is best to choose a compressor screw type.When selecting the first type compressor, learn how to choose an air compressor, which species it is and on what parameters need to pay attention.

Types of air compressors

Air compressors are divided into two types:

  • oil
  • oil-free.

These compressors are easy to use, reliable in operation and does not require professional maintenance.Oil-free compressors are usually used to perform the most basic work, while not very long, because without rest, they begin to overheat during prolonged use.It should also be noted that the cost is the lowest of all types of compressors.

Oil compressors are belt and direct drive.The second type is more reliable due to the peculiarities of its construction.The distinguishing features of a compressor with a belt drive from the direct-drive compressor:

  • motor pulley diameter is smaller than the diameter of the flywheel;
  • motor rotation occurs with less frequency;
  • availability of reliable air-cooling system.

compressors are belt-driven fall in turn on:

  • single-stage, two-stage
  • .

latter have higher performance and less noise.When buying and choosing an air compressor is necessary to take into account the important points how to choose the compressor for painting.Considerations characteristics when purchasing an air compressor:

  • power consumption.If you decide to purchase a compressor with high power, you should first make sure that there are no twists and there is sufficient cross-section on the wires going to your supply panel.If these conditions are not met, increasing the likelihood of severe voltage drop, which can lead to the occurrence of a fire.In this case it is better to use a good extension, which can be connected directly to the input after the counter.
  • Elektropitanie.V future location of the compressor is recommended to use a voltage monitor.To do this, use a voltmeter for alternating current.If the reading is "jumping" from 230 Volt to 160 Volt, in this case not be able to get the stable operation of the compressor.In order to remedy this situation, you should buy a voltage regulator.
  • Proizvoditelnost.Odnoy of the most important features in question, how to choose the compressor, is performance.Before purchasing a compressor must always relate it possible for air intake with the requirements of the gun.If this requirement is not satisfied, then there is a possibility that the compressor is in operation will cool much, and accordingly it suffers when quality of painting.In such cases, each compressor has a thermal overload protection.She turns off the unit when the overload.
  • resivera.Dlya volume of painting works it is recommended to purchase the compressor with a volume of the receiver at least 50 liters.

use when choosing the compressor all the above recommendations and tips, then your new unit will please its owner for many years of quality work.Also, in the event of breakage, do not skimp on quality repairs, because of bad use of the app.often entails new fast breakdown.