What is PVC boat better?

What is PVC boat better?

Lovers of fishing and river walks will certainly be interesting to know what PVC boat better.However, in order to select any particular model (of which a great many), you need to know some of the principles on which they should be selected.And it is on these principles, we, first of all, and we will say, and then advise you the best boats of PVC.However, knowing the basic requirements, and you'll be able to choose a good boat.

Key indicators of the inflatable boats PVC

  • most important factor - it is certainly the quality of welds.Before buying it is desirable to carefully examine all the seams from different angles and at different angles.If the seams curves, this is the first sign that the boat is poorly assembled.Also note the absence of traces of glue around the joints and in the color of the fabric along the seams.If in any location, there are differences in the color of the fabric - it is a clear sign that indicates overheated place, which can cause many problems in the operation of PVC boats.
  • next indicator - bottom structure of the boat.Firstly, complete must be the bottom ceiling - removable aluminum or wood flooring, which is placed on the bottom of the boat.This rigid mass element which serves to create a smooth and firm bottom to a maximum comfort boat move.The aluminum cover, certainly easier, but at the slightest deformation requires replacement.In addition, aluminum flooring has a very high shumoprovodimost, which is extremely undesirable when purchasing a boat for fishing.
  • transom - a device used for the outboard motor is a flat board, which is mounted vertically and forms the aft section.The transom shall have no bundles and should be very well pasted, and around the perimeter.Transom pad should be placed exactly in the center, the screws do not need to speak of the countersink.
  • And the last thing worth mentioning here - is, of course, outboard motors.They are selected depending on the type of boat and the owner's preferences.I will simply note that it is best in our challenging water conditions have proven outboard motors Parsun, characterized by high reliability and easy operation.And it's not just my opinion, but many fishermen.And now briefly about a few good models of boats made of PVC.

best boats PVC Boats

  • Norvik.Ideal for fishing or cruising, they are compact, easily assembled and disassembled and transported.Have an increased diameter of the cylinder, which allows to increase and aft, thereby creating a high resistance to water, as well as the smooth running under oars.In addition, in the opinion of many anglers and paddlers these boats quite ergonomic, that is adapted for comfortable control.Thoughtful even seats with a system that allows to adjust the distance to the oarlocks of the paddler.You can also change the distance from the floor to the bench.
  • Boats Altair.Has excellent road performance and safety at the same time.These boats have a good planing, small engine performance requirements, as well as the predictable behavior on the wave when driving and maneuvering.As for safety, the boats of the brand differentiates 4 independent compartments and even an inflatable keel.Transom, keel and bottom cylinders are performed with gain.Furthermore, boat fenders installed with spray wedge, with a full timber, not decorative, like many.But for a comfortable swim seats equipped with soft pads.Of course, some PVC boat better, you decide - we only led model, the most advanced to date in technical terms.You can choose any boat, the main thing - to meet the requirements specified in the first part of this article.