How to Choose a clipper ?

How to Choose a clipper ?

habit to get a haircut in hairdressing sometimes very expensive, and lack of time due to the heavy workload at work, does not give time to see a specialist for a hairstyle.To do their own hair, you will need to purchase a special device - clipper.The main advantages of this device - are undeniable, it saves money and haircut at any time convenient for you.Having the right skills will allow you to please those around her hair.In addition, for mowing machine also allows you to take care of mustache and beard, giving them a neat appearance.

Just do not forget that a home haircut - is responsible occupation, which requires that we comply with safety regulations.If you have firmly decided to purchase this product, let us analyze in detail some of the aspects that will help you to choose the hair clipper.

main criteria

  • Before buying the device, it is important to determine how long the hair you have to work, because the nozzles in different models come in different range.It ranges from 0.5 to 41 mm, plus go for some models additional semi-recessed controls.
  • determine what clipper choose, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the steel blades.The best types of stainless steel blades.In some models, they can be coated with a special coating, for example a diamond or titanium, as well as having special processing.All this can extend the operational period in a given instrument.Quality blades affect the sharpness of the teeth, and as a result, and for smooth running.
  • Ease of cleaning is an important criterion when choosing a device - Clipper.The best model is the one that has a blade is easily separated from each other, freely allows you to clean the cavity inside the device.The most uncomfortable considered cars, which need to unscrew the screws that attach directly to the instrument blade.

going to buy the device, it is necessary to know what you have to lubricate the friction of the knife blade oil for special purposes.This standard procedure is carried out after every second, third mowing and fading in the machine.Compliance with this requirement will extend the life of your clippers.

lubrication is made in the middle of the comb and its edges, a few drops of oil.Also it is necessary to lubricate the plastic plate and the edges of the movable blade support surface, a small amount of oil.A strong heating or slowing of mobility, it is necessary to lubricate the knife, if there is no Teflon coating.

Power and Power

To answer the question of how to choose the clipper, special attention should be paid to the power unit as well as a home haircut does not involve spending a lot of time and effort.Good capacity of the device is able to give good speed and promotion frequency blades motion.For experienced craftsmen are ideal model with strong blade speed of approximately of 10 000 rpm.If you experience a little, it is worth paying attention to the cars, with an average speed - namely motors 9-12 W of power.

When coarse hair, small power for cars is not suitable, as the device will necessarily leave neprobritye places to slip and weed out the hair.In some units, there are additional features that allow you to increase the capacity of the machine, by about 20% and collect inside the cut hairs.All devices of this type are divided into the following types, according to the method of charging:

  • powered by the mains - it is reliable, but not very convenient form of cars, because the cord, which is always at hand, restricting movement.
  • Working on the battery - very convenient type of device that can operate without recharging for 40-60 minutes.After work, be sure to put on the charging, which lasts from 8-10 hours.
  • accumulator-network - is the kind of machines that combines the two previous species, is the most convenient.Charging is carried out at any time, and for a long period of operation it can be connected from the mains.

Options clippers

are going to choose the hair clipper, many people think that the larger nozzles in the set, the better.It verified that the optimal number of nozzles, which is just necessary - it is not whiter than 4-5 pieces.Others will lie idle.It is also convenient to assume that machine with one nozzle, but which adjusts the height by moving away or closer to the blades.

When buying, you should pay attention to the nozzle adjustment - they need to be comfortable.The least popular are the cars in which the adjustment is to remove the old nozzle and replace it with a new.It is often bundled with the machine included: comb, scissors and a hair salon cape.Taking such a device is only when she clipper suits you on all the criteria, and the rest can be and to purchase separately.


store standing at the counter of the store, be sure to hold the various models of cars, and decide whether to keep the device comfortably in the hand.This will help you to find out the range of comfort when working with the product, as well as to determine the usability of buttons and switches.If this unit does not keep you comfortable, then your hands at work are tired, that will bring inconvenience and negative emotions when the shearing simulation.

Determination unit weight is hard enough criterion, which is to focus on their own feelings.From heavy machines working very tired arm, and the light will regularly twitch.We hope that this article will answer your basic questions that are most often associated with selecting clippers.Remember, the main choice is always yours!