How to connect a wireless headset ?

How to connect a wireless headset ?

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How to connect a wireless headset?

Well, who among us has not had to untangle the headphone wires?Perhaps only those who never used them!Today, however, wireless headphones came on the market, which make it possible to get rid of the tedious procedure once and for all.This article will explain how to connect a wireless headset.


Most headphones today do not require pre-installation of special drivers and software components for a connection.Thus, the producers care about universality - if the headphones are ready to operate, and they can be connected to a desktop PC and a mobile device.If the headphone will require drivers, it is unlikely that their connection to the mobile device will be successful, because you can, but in the smart phone or tablet to your computer to insert the driver disk - no.

Nevertheless, some headphones supplied with all the drivers, in this case, before connecting these same drivers must be installed.A driver disk is always supplied in the box with the headphones, but if for some reason he lost, the correct drivers can be downloaded from the Internet is always:

  • hammer in the search box the name of the browser headphones and separated by a space, write the word "drivers";
  • study results and download the correct driver;
  • check the downloaded file for viruses;
  • install the driver, following the instructions autoinstaller.


Wireless headphones come in two types - with the receiver with a USB-connector and module Bluetooth.

connect wireless headphones with USB-receiver

  1. Insert the receiver into the USB-connector.
  2. Turn on the earpiece.
  3. Wait 15-30 seconds.
  4. All!You can start work!

As you can see, everything is surprisingly simple - the task force on anyone.

Connection of Bluetooth-headphones:

  1. Activate the Bluetooth module on the computer.
  2. Activate the Bluetooth module on the earphones.
  3. Wait for the computer to find the headphone network.Network name can be found in the documentation for the headset, if the documentation is lost or there is no such information is likely to be called the network "in honor of" the brand of your headphones.
  4. Select your network, click "Connect".
  5. in new window box in front of you will be asking for the password - enter it.The password can be found in the documentation, but if the documentation is not available, try to choose a simple password, in case of failure will have to turn to the producers.
  6. After entering the password wait 10-15 seconds until the connection is established.
  7. All!Start listening to music!

By analogy with the scheme, you can connect a Bluetooth-headset with any other device, provided with the Bluetooth module, - laptops, smartphones, tablets and even televisions.However, we remind, if the headphones need to install drivers, they are unlikely to be able to "make friends" with a mobile device.

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