How to choose a metal detector ?

How to choose a metal detector ?

The question facing the detector of choice as an experienced treasure seekers and newcomers.Everyone wants to avoid buying fake or device that does not meet the specs.Today, the market represented a huge number of detectors, including a very easy to get confused.But what metal detector to choose not to miscalculate?Let's try to understand.

start with which unit is better to buy and for what purposes.Did you know where the buried ancient treasure, or just want to try to find a pair of ancient coins, or to diversify your leisure.All this, in principle, it does not matter, the main thing that you have decided to spend some money, though not counting on that money to pay off finds.Be aware that if you buy the device as a means of earning, I must disappoint you.Of course, God forbid that you have found some treasure, but as a rule, this is very rare and quite unexpectedly.Now tip: when you buy the device for the first time, try to avoid too expensive or too cheap devices as cheap metal detector you can simply disappointing and too expensive at first you will be too hard to learn and adjust.

If you do decide to buy the device, do not hesitate and go to the store, or better yet in a firm that specializes in this product, and boldly torment adviser different questions.It is better to find out all the fine details, then to avoid the device replacement procedure.But also should not deceive ourselves, if the seller promises you mountains of gold, will tell you that the device will be able to find the treasure at a depth of 5 meters, and that he will distinguish gold from a rusty piece of iron, do not believe him, because it is impossible to cheat physics.

And now, just some of the myths about the metal detectors:

  • If metal expensive, it means that he is good.Argue with this expression is difficult, there are now expensive professional instruments with a bunch of settings and features.But you should think whether you need such a device?What are you going to do with it?If you are a novice treasure hunter, and your work with the device will not take more than a couple of days in a year is not much point in buying a no.It's not even in the economy, both in ease of use, since, as a newcomer, you will be hard to understand in professional settings and sensors, as well as the specifics of operation.
  • All metal detectors are similar to each other.If we keep in mind the depth of the search, the devices for one price policy it is true, well, in general, the depth of search is not the only or the most important parameter of the device.It should turn its attention to the scale of discrimination metals division purpose, the speed of signal processing, sharpness signal detection.Different instruments, all these indicators can be completely different, and it is better to consult a professional before making a purchase.
  • A treasure hunter said that the best device.You should not believe every word, as the average treasure hunter never held in the hands of more than three types of instruments, and to judge the best characteristics of the device had not quite succeed.Some conclusions can be drawn if each detector test at least a month.
  • Found depend directly on the detector.Only 30-50 per cent depending on the device itself, and then it's location in the search, types of soil, the search method.
  • can not spend money and make the best metal detector itself.This is not true.No matter how much time and money you would have spent, better than the factory unit, do yourself you can not.

What are the metal detectors

  • Metal detectors for beginners - devices differ cheapness, which are focused on the search for the beach areas, as well as for beginners who want to gain experience.As a rule, these detectors have a couple of controls and a mode - dynamic discrimination.
  • Universal metal detectors - oriented to a wide range of works.From research on the beaches and to the search of coins and treasures.For correct operation with such devices require little preparation.Such devices have a couple of modes, including a static detection mode.
  • Computerized metal detectors - are intended for advanced users.As a rule, they can carry out an accurate analysis of objects by size, depth and metal.Setting them is performed using the display and keypad.
  • deep metal - appliances that can be used to detect objects at great depths, from two meters.
  • Underwater metal detectors - well, I think the title speaks for itself, the device is designed to find objects underwater.

talk finally about this magic word - discrimination ... The signal transmitted from any object made of metal, characteristic of the show itself phase shift.Therefore signals of different objects can be classified and then distinguish between types of objects.For example, a silver coin, gives greater phase shift than an aluminum button.The metal detectors can adjust the detector so that in one case, the case of a button, he will be silent, and in the case of the coin, will give a signal.And the more expensive and professional device, the greater the level of discrimination and settings it can be used.So you've decided to buy a metal detector.How to choose from a large number of options?First, you should answer yourself a few questions:

  • How seriously did you decide to engage in the search for artifacts and treasures?
  • What exactly are you going to look for, that is, coins, jewelery, gold nuggets, lost trinkets on the beach, metal, military attributes.
  • What are the characteristics and function of the metal detector are important to you?That is, the search depth, comfort, quality and ease of use.
  • How much money you are willing to spend on this unit?

If you honestly answer all questions, narrow the range of the metal detector search will be much easier.So you make the best choice for yourself.

Which metal to choose

offer you a range of the most popular and the different characteristics of metal detectors:

  • Garrett Ace 150 - has one of the most affordable price, it is suitable for searching for a hobby.
  • Fisher F2 - good depth research, and affordable price.Madden just make sounds, but you can tolerate.
  • Garrett Ace 250 - sales leader for beginners.He gathered the functions of a sufficiently deep search, ease of adding additional coils to increase the depth of search, as well as metal detection function for conductivity.
  • Garret At Pro - semi-professional unit, comfortable and equipped with good sensitivity, it is possible to operate at depths up to 3 meters under water.
  • AKA Signum 7272m ITF - Russian production unit, works well with large objects at great depths.The downside is the many complex settings, well, plus low cost compared to foreign counterparts.

I think now, how to choose a metal detector, you'll be clearer, more detailed look into the matter can be in specialized stores or the Internet web.