What outboard better?

What outboard better?

If you live on the lake and decided to buy a motor boat for a walk or you are an avid fisherman, and you are tired ask for a companion to a neighbor, who has its own motorboat, you will probably decide to buymotor boat itself.If you do not know what kind of boat engine better then reading this article, you will find the answers to all your questions.

motors are two-stroke and four-stroke.Let's look at both options.In the first case, the oil that lubricates the crankshaft, certainly will enter the combustion chamber where it is combusted together with the gasoline, and recycling the product will exit exhaust.Thus designers has been conceived, but, in fact, goes not only exhaust, and exhaust from the admixture is not fully burnt mixture.Thus, it will be a small water pollution in the lake.In some countries, banned duple-cycle, but for Russia, there is no such prohibition.But if you are concerned about the environmental situation in the country (as well as it should be), and you are lost in conjectures, some outboard choose the answer one- four.

Features outboard

Let's look at the principle of a two-stroke engine.He is working every second clock cycle counts.And chetyrehtaktnyh- each (you guessed it) the fourth.Thus, it turns out that duple-cycle, more powerful four-stroke engines.To power was the same, it is necessary to take a two-stroke smaller than chetyrehtaktnik.It turns out that the smaller motor will weigh less.If you have a value weight of your boat, choosing this, too, is taken into account, and if you live on the banks of the reservoir, the weight does not matter.

  • cost.As for the cost, it is significantly more expensive than two-stroke chetyrehtaktnik.In some cases, the price difference varies from 10 to 50 percent.
  • Fuel.Knowledgeable person may feel that chetyrehtaktniki consume fewer fuel than two-stroke outboard motors.This is true.One important reason is the fact that fuel is not worked up end enters the exhaust.A second reason is that oil is not only for lubrication and burns.A good oil is good money.The third reason is that the mixture of exhaust chetyrehtaktnikah output after omission of the cylinder head in the lower position, and in the middle of two-stroke path.If you are using a motorboat plan to earn extra money (for example, tourists ride), then it is worth considering what outboard better, because you have to feed your "favorite".
  • lifetime.Can you say with certainty that no test concerning the duration of the life of outboard motors was conducted.Regarding this issue goes to the mass of rumors, but they are unfounded.After all, the duration of life is affected by many factors.Lifespan depends on how you will operate your motor boat, and under what conditions, and what the distance to travel, and under any weather conditions.If suddenly something breaks or starts to "act up", you can always refer to the master, which will help to eliminate damage, and you will continue to ride on the water expanses.

technical side

is a known fact that for an expensive engine, buy a desired item will cost more, but for a cheap - cheaper.If the details of worthlessness, you are going by yourself fix a breakdown, you will be better to buy a two-chamber engine.Fix it so much easier than the four-chamber.In which case, you can find information on the Internet, on their respective websites.Four outboard motors are much more difficult in its structure.And it will be more appropriate to refer to a specialist rather than trying to understand all the subtleties.

  • noise.By their volume, these motors are of course different.But if the ride will not be too fast, the difference in the sound will not be as noticeable.And if you buy a motor boat exclusively for scaring fish, drive on the pond, the noise, of course, plays a very important role for you.
  • opacity.Two-stroke engines smoke significantly more than the four-stroke.And you have to decide for themselves what role it plays for you.
  • Transportation.If you bought a two-stroke engine, and you now need to somehow be transported from one city to another, it can put whatever you like.It does not matter.But you need to put chetyrehtaktnik and secure so that no oil spillage.
  • oil.In a two-stroke engine, the combustion chamber falls oil and gasoline, and four served pure gasoline only.If you is not difficult to fill a can of gasoline a pile of oil, it will not be a problem for you.You have to decide which boat motor is better for you.In any case, we can tell you the proportion, that you should follow when pouring oil.For running-in the vehicle - 1 to 25, along for the ride - 1 to 50. In short, I do not consider this a problem.You decide for yourself.In addition, many oil producers do self-mixing.
  • planing.Initially, you need to make sure that the boat complies with the requirements.It should be borne in mind that if your boat is designed for voyages in the displacement mode, then bring it on plane will not work.If you are the owner of punts, the ability will depend on what her keel.At the thirty-kilogram weight, you will need one horsepower.Consider the fact that if a light engine, and the horses need less.But you can look at it from the other side.If the light engine and the horse power will produce correspondingly smaller.After some simple calculations, we can conclude that a person who owns a small ship, and about to harness its five horsepower to take duple-cycle.After all, they are much easier.But if you are plagued by the question when choosing a ten or fifteen horsepower, the engine of the boat weight is irrelevant.

If you are reading this article, did not find answers to your questions, you can go to related sites, and see additional information is still there.

In any case, whatever option you choose - a two-stroke or four-stroke engine, but you know how wonderful it is when you go on a speed boat, and all around there is no fuss, just silence and the water surface, on many, many kilometersaround.You can stay somewhere and go fishing or just stand and look at the sky, the sun and the nature that surrounds you.During modern times, people very rarely can afford to leave the city and spend some time in nature.A breath of fresh, uncontaminated exhaust air.Many are so loaded with work that you forget how beautiful it is - like barefoot on the grass, collect a bouquet of wildflowers.You just need to be a little closer to nature.