How to connect speakers ?

How to connect speakers ?

Usually the question of how to connect the speakers does not cause serious complications.a couple of key points is enough to catch and consistently perform the entire procedure.There are some differences in the processing chain and the dependence on the original equipment.This article is intended for beginners who are interested in options for connecting the speaker to a variety of devices: PC, laptop, radio.In addition, there are certain ways.You can select a serial, parallel or a combination combination of speakers.What is the difference, and what path will be optimal for you - decide after studying the following information.

How to connect the speakers to the computer and the laptop

To get started is to find out what opportunities and has a sound card to determine the number of sockets to connect.After that, it will go faster: take the signal cable (in the standard version it is green) and connect it to the audio output jack.The nest is located on the back of your system unit and is also indicated by the green.Now we turn on the computer and connected the speakers to the network.It remains to check the tone!It may happen that you have done everything correctly, but the sound is still there.It's simple: go to your control panel, find the menu "Sounds and Audio Devices," "Sound" heading and make it active.

If you need to learn how to connect the speakers to your laptop - read on.Despite the fact that the laptop is being used as a portable device, it is possible to attach the stationary and large speakers, USB and IR ports.The first situation is solved in a similar embodiment with a computer with a cable and plug.It is necessary to plug into the headphone jack.Lest you make a mistake, the manufacturer marked the junction green or symbol.In the second case is even simpler: We obtain from the transmitter package (looks like a mini-flash card) and connect to any available the USB-connector.The system will detect the type of driver, and will provide operational status.Seeing this message, quietly turn the column.

How to connect the speakers to the radio

If you are fortunate enough to become the owner of the factory audio system, try to make yourself sound gorgeous.But this process requires careful observance of all instructions points.In the case of negligent approach is likely to damage, at worst - a fire or even fire.To avoid this, follow the correct polarity.If we ignore this rule, the sound quality is disgusting, which is the result of the system in opposite phase.It is strictly forbidden to connect any conclusions device with a mass of the car, it is better to discard the unit, as it will be 100% useless.

If you want to solve the problem how to connect 2 speakers, please be acoustic cable length of 6 meters (2ho, 75mm) and two rubber ribbed diameter 14mm with 90 ° reversal of the outputs.Of course, you can use the rubber elements without turning, but then we have to wrap all the wires with insulating tape to prevent them from rubbing against the edge of the crater.When the vehicle model does not provide for the presence of wiring the door, you will also need to drill a hole in the front doors to accommodate all the design elements.

In case you want to achieve the effect of "surround" sound, it is better to think about how to connect the rear speakers.The problem, in principle, is simple, enough to stock a large number of cables.It takes about 11m.You can take and not very flexible instance, since the wires Lifetime will be stationary and accidental damage they are not threatened.

Decide in advance how you will connect the speakers: parallel, sequential or combined.This nuance is especially important if you have to have more than one speaker to the amplifier channel.Subsequently, you can connect a large number of columns, but keep in mind that the total resistance must not be greater than 16 ohms.Parallel and the combined compound gives excellent sound quality and allows us to achieve high-power audio system, but requires pre-payment.