How to beat children ?

How to beat children ?

What if pipsqueak refuses to obey and behaves inappropriately?Is it possible in this case to beat the child, and how to do it so as not to cause injury to a child?Let's try to sort out these issues.

To beat or not to beat?

Psychologists around the world say that beating children is not recommended because it can cause not only physical but also psychological trauma fledgling personality.More the question is considered in the article - whether a child beat.

keeping with the position that the child can be hit only in special cases, we have prepared for informational material that will tell in what form to realize this kind of punishment, not to cause harm to the baby.

spanking as a last resort

So just agree that beating children is possible only in the most extreme cases, ie after all the possible educational techniques have been tried.And parents should know as much as such methods as possible - this will raise fully developed, free and self-sufficient person.

Avoid any kind of punishment did not perform in public.So you just humiliate a child, injure or even break a fledgling dignity baby.

Definitely give up, even from light slaps on the cuffs - despite the fact that the "acceptance" is very common, it can cause serious head injuries.If you beat the hand, you can flip the hands naughty child, forbidding him thus to touch anything, to break.

But in general, to avoid punch, because in this case you will be directly associated with a similar punishment, pain and resentment.Therefore it is better still to beat a child with a belt - this thing looks quite threatening, but it is not associated directly with you.He seemed to be separated from your identity.

beat the child should be only on the pope - is the safest for striking point of the body.At the same time, make sure that the impact was most lenient.Do not focus on the force of impact and its implications for the crumbs.Let the slap will be greatly offensive, not painful.

Why not beat the child

Frequent use of force against the baby can cause a wide variety of psychological problems:

  • The child builds internal aggression.It is, perhaps, will be more obedient in your presence, but surrounded by other people easily get out of control, others will retaliate for their grievances.
  • If parents often beat children, they begin to perceive violence as a fact, that they can not overcome.And as a result the child grows into a person not able to withstand brute force, cruelty.
  • The use of force without a detailed explanatory educational work does not help the child to understand the falsity of his behavior.He did not instilled morality, ethics, he remembers only that something like this can not be done.
  • Over time, the power will no longer be the motivation for the child, he will get used to such a method of education.Then you will not have more levers to influence the child.