How to choose a semi-automatic welding ?

How to choose a semi-automatic welding ?

Today welding machines are very popular.This is not surprising, because in the course of work of this unit, the welding current density increases, in contrast to the automatic welding.The man, who decided to do repair of body, face the need to purchase a semi-automatic welding.How to choose it, and you need to focus on - we will now analyze.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the place where the work will be undertaken, as well as its volume.Versatility is the main feature of welding machines, when compared with the same customary welding transformer.They can be welded iron, stainless steel and carbon steel, aluminum and other metals.Manufacturers offer a wide range of semi-automatic welding, with different characteristics, price and functionality.

Selecting welding semiautomatic

How to choose a semi-automatic, and what are the main criteria for his choice?First you need to determine what is the maximum power of your current hardware.It is this parameter is the basis for every welding semiautomatic.Current determines the thickness of the base metal by you.The magnitude of the welding current depends on the selected material thickness.Below we present the dependence of current and thickness:

  • 1,5 mm requires a current of 35-50 A;
  • 2 mm consumes 45-80 A;
  • 3 mm takes 90-130 A;
  • 4 mm consumes 120-160 A;
  • 5mm take 130-180 A.

In semi-automatic welding current can be adjusted continuously and discrete.With smooth you can choose the most accurate current.

Next we need to determine power settings.If you have a single-phase voltage of 220 V, the selected device should be connected to single-phase mains.When selecting such equipment, you need to pay attention to the supply voltage range, asit overlaps the possible voltage fluctuations in the network.As a rule, if there are fluctuations, which do not exceed the limits of 15%, semi-automatic welding continues to function normally.Choosing capacity welder, the power parameters must also be considered.Not all networks can withstand power greater than 5 kW.

proceed to the intensity of the semi-automatic operation.We should not forget that most of this equipment is intended for short-term and repeat modes.After five minutes of welding, it is necessary to make a brief pause.And then you can start working again.

In order to determine which semi-automatic choose for themselves, also need to take into account the degree of universality of the selected device.Some models can only work with the powder (electrode) wiring that does not need gas.A universal model, provide an opportunity to work with the use of stick electrodes.And they are much more expensive than those that operate without gas.

Types semiautomatic

Today the market offers the following types of welding semiautomatic: a conventional inverter.An inverter apparatus is more convenient to use, and better quality welding performed.The burning of the Equipment arc on the order of more stable, becauseit has a more precise adjustment of the current.It is equipped with a hot start (Hot start functions and Anti-Stick) and a system to prevent the adhesion of cables, as well as thermostatic overload protection.Inverters significantly smaller in size, so if you are not constrained in the media, it is better to give preference to such a semi-automatic machines.

Do not forget about the weight and compactness of welding equipment, because it depends on the ease of the process.The welding machine can be legkim- single hull, as well as - double-hulled.Buying semi-automatic welding, should pay attention to the speed of provisioning, as well as conveniently located wire feed speed and power adjustment of the welding current.We should not forget about the manufacturer.The most reliable are considered semi-made western companies, for example, Italian.No one can safely say that the cheaper Chinese semiautomatic significantly inferior to Western competitors, but also to reject a possible risk also should not be.