How to connect headphones to your computer ?

How to connect headphones to your computer ?

Now many headphones are connected to the computer and listen to music without disturbing those around them.It is very convenient, and not expensive.Yes, and besides, to connect headphones to your computer, it is quite a simple procedure that does not require special knowledge.

Connecting headphones to the computer

  1. to the computer, which has a sound card that can be connected in addition to the speakers, headphones and more.If they have a 3.5 mm plug them directly connected, and if 6.3 mm, it need an adapter which can be made from a 6.3-millimeter slot (required stereo) and a 3.5 mm stereo plug.cut off from the unfit.Both parts of the connector only need to connect with each other, and the adapter is ready for use.
  2. Before you connect headphones to your computer, you need to disconnect the speakers from the mains and unplug them from the green socket sound card.After that, instead, connect the headphones.If your PC has built-in speakers on the monitor, they are switched off automatically when headphones.
  3. By jack, placed on the back of the CPU, connect the plugs it is not very convenient.But there is a solution.Look, if the housing is equipped with front pockets?It is necessary to open it, find it green and red plugs, threaded through a slot in the rear of the cords with them, and then connect them to the jacks on the sound card, according to the colors.After that, you can connect headphones to the front of the green will jack.
  4. Some try to connect headphones and speakers, the sound is there and there.This can be done by purchasing a splitter in the slot that you want to plug the plug on the headphones and speakers.However, it gives a double burden on the sound card, and it can quickly become unusable.

Adjustable volume

After connecting the headphones should be set up on the computer.This can be done using a mixer, which is located in the lower right corner, and has a speaker icon.Nor should the headphones make the music too loud, otherwise it may affect your hearing.Ideally, when you are sitting in the headphones, and clearly hear the music, not only in them, but also the surrounding noise.

Connect the headset with microphone

  1. Headphones with Microphone for PC can be connected to a computer using a cable or Bluetooth.In a second embodiment no wires and they are more convenient to use.But in this case, users often have to change the battery.
  2. If you have a headset with a microphone before it working via Bluetooth, you complete them you will find a Bluetooth USB-sensor with a disc with data transfer support drivers.In the first place you need to install on the PC software from the disk, and then, insert the transmitter into a USB port and perform activation of the work of headphones and microphone
  3. Some users are lost and do not know where to connect headphones to your computer, and the trick is to color connectors.Pink connector refer to the microphone jack, and the green to the headphone jack connection.Since the computer inputs made in different colors, you can easily understand what the plug must be connected to a specific terminal.Once you plug one connector on the monitor screen will be displayed automatically, which will need to select the type of connected device.If you have a microphone is connected, it should be defined as a microphone input, and press OK, if the headphones, then set the value to "headphones" and confirm the changes.After setting the first connector, connect the second.
  4. Now check the sound with headphones, if it is not, and the microphone does not work, it is necessary to adjust the volume to put all options at the highest level.

Well, here you are, and you know how good you can connect headphones to your computer, and enjoy your favorite music.