How to choose the stabilizer ?

How to choose the stabilizer ?

need for a voltage regulator setting may not occur until such time as will not burn your computer or other household appliances.In this case, an effective board is what should worry about the safety of their electrical appliances in advance.To protect the electrical voltage regulator must be installed.How to choose the right one and what options and features to be considered, you will learn below.

Terms selection

main criterion on which pay attention when buying and installing voltage regulator, power remains connected load.Depending on the characteristics of the selected one or another model stabilizer.Also worth noting is that the power of the device to be protected, must be equal to or less than the power voltage stabilizer.

To select a voltage stabilizer for the house, for a start you need to calculate the total power used by all electrical appliances (the "consumers" of text), which will be connected to it.There are models of voltage stabilizers maximum power, for which there is no need to calculate the total capacity of all consumer appliances.However, usually, the acquisition of the model is not appropriate since its cost will be much more expensive than conventional stabilizers, and the power can not be used by more than 20%.

Also do not forget that some appliances incorporate inrush currents, which are several times higher than normal.Among such consumers should include: refrigerators, pumps and other devices that are in your schema induction motors.should be selected voltage regulators with a reserve power for them (at least twice).Therefore, manufacturers recommend choosing stabilizers with a margin of 15-30%.

To determine the degree of importance of the use of a voltage stabilizer, it is necessary to clarify two points.Firstly, if the line voltage is so low that without stabilization appliances do not work.Secondly, if the total value of equipment to be protected, three or even more times higher than the cost of the stabilizer.

stabilizer Office

If there is a need to protect a large number of electrical appliances, such as an office, several factors must be considered.The important role played by the supply voltage wiring in offices.This will determine whether or not to embed a common single-phase or three-phase voltage regulator.Or maybe all the same it will be better to use several separate regulators.And despite the fact that several voltage stabilizers will cost you more than one more powerful, but their overall performance and reliability will be much higher.

types of stabilizers

There are two main types of voltage stabilizers of electromechanical and electronic.The main difference lies in the regulation: in electromechanical stabilizer is smooth, while the electronic - step.The main advantages of the stabilizers of the first type are: low cost and high output voltage accuracy.However, there are a number of disadvantages, namely: high noise level, the rapid wear of the mechanical parts, low regulation speed which is 2-3 seconds.

Electronic regulators for regulating the output voltage relative to the input using an auto.Switching between the windings is carried out for 20-30 ms.However, this type of stabilizer is flawed: the fan noise and electrical exposure stages (output).

To understand when buying in how to choose the stabilizer, based on the advantages and disadvantages of these two types, it is better to give preference to the email.It is well known that the most appropriate option is considered to be an electronic voltage regulator, due to the high-speed switch.

single-phase and three-phase

before selecting a stabilizer in the store, you should pay attention also to the number of phases used by consumers.When selecting voltage regulator main difficulties arise in the three-phase network (380) than in the single-phase (220V).In three phase stabilizer is one feature: in the absence of voltage on one phase, the entire device is shut down.Therefore, if all electrical single-phase, it is better to install three-phase stabilizer than one phase.And for the price it will be cheaper.However, if the network uses a single-phase consumer, then, accordingly, it is necessary to connect it to the three-phase stabilizer.

In search of the answer to the question, what is better: a voltage regulator for all users or for each device its own regulator, should think twice about your choice.To begin, you must determine the degree of importance of the appliances you want to protect.It is not always convenient and financially disadvantageous can be use for each device its voltage regulator.In such cases it is advisable to use one common to all devices stabilizer.You can also select a group of the most important electrical and use surge protection only for them.

power calculation

Also, before choosing the stabilizer power, we must first calculate the total power (W) of all consumers connected to it.When calculating the capacity necessary to take the full capacity of the device in need of power.There is a dependence on the type of load.It is composed of active and reactive power.It is believed that the total power indicated in volt-amperes (VA), and active - in watts (W).

All electricity consumers are both active and reactive components of the load.While resistive load - when it is in operation all the electricity consumer is converted into heat.For such consumers as incandescent, irons, electric cookers and others, this is the main component.For these appliances is enough to select a stabilizer the same power that is listed in the user passport.For example, a lamp power of 1 kW, suitable stabilizer 1 kVA.

All other devices consumers are reactive load.They are capacitive and inductive.This includes devices that contain in their composition the motor or electronic equipment.To complete connection of such devices and active power is carried out by using a coefficient cos (Fi), which can be found in the passport consumer.To calculate the total power in VA, you need an active power in watts (W) divided by cos (Fi).It often happens that this factor is missing in the passport.In this case, it is recommended to be taken as not less than 0.7.

stabilization accuracy

to power lighting fixtures such as spotlights, chandeliers, etc. You need to be connected to a surge protector, up to 3 percent.For this type of consumer high accuracy affects the output voltage variation, and that in turn to the less visible change of light intensity during sudden surges.The same accuracy should be taken when choosing a stabilizer, which will connect the precise electronics and sophisticated medical equipment.For most household appliances and equipment sufficient to use stabilizers with a precision of 5-7%.

Thus kakoystabilizator choose which model and accuracy to give preference to - a purely personal matter.The main emphasis is made on the value of and the need to use a voltage stabilizer.If you still find it difficult to choose surge protection, it is better to consult a specialist.