How to connect a subwoofer ?

How to connect a subwoofer ?

Many lyubitedi music thinking about how to connect a subwoofer, for example, to the radio, and computer usilitilyu?Audiophiles know that stereo is not complete until you add a subwoofer to your system.Subwoofer - a speaker specially designed to give accurate sound low sound frequencies such as bass.

How to connect the subwoofer to the radio

If the radio has outputs for a powered subwoofer, connect the active subwoofer is quite simple.To start, determine the location to which you set the subwoofer.Then navigate to the spot power.Better food produce directly directly from the car battery.Do not forget that when you connect the power necessary to observe polarity.

better to install a capacitor to power the subwoofer.To get to the peak load on the sub when playing the bass does not cause high power consumption.As a result, this leads to a load distribution to the elements, the feed network of the vehicle.When the generator is working with the battery and they can not provide the necessary energy for the subwoofer performance.Using a capacitor, we unload the batteries.The subwoofer will produce high-quality, clear sound with sufficient nutrition.

to connect an active subwoofer using a so-called connector "tulip" and screw terminals Power.Connect the subwoofer to the power supply of the car, and make sure that the condenser is installed correctly and polarity are met, right.Connect the subwoofer to the radio, adjust the subwoofer - limiting the upper limit (Turnover), turning the corresponding knob on Saba.If your subwoofer has a Phase button that adjusts the phase of the oscillation dynamics, turn it on, and set the value of the phase fluctuations in the 180 or leave it disabled.Try to make a harmonious combination of amplitude-frequency characteristics of the subwoofer and midrange speakers.Adjust the top of the subwoofer, so that specifications do not interfere with each other if the subwoofer has the opportunity to adjust the frequency.

How to connect the subwoofer to the amplifier

Turn on the amplifier and subwoofer so that their rear walls standing in front of you.You can clearly see the outputs and connectors.Locate the connector on the amplifier, which is marked SUB OUT, LFE (Low Frequency Effects), Out and Line Out.This terminal is used to connect the subwoofer to the amplifier.Connect the cable that was supplied with the subwoofer to the terminals of the amplifier.In addition, you can connect the RCA cable, which is available, connect the other end of the cable to the connector on the back panel of the subwoofer marked Line In at any electronics store.

How to connect to a computer sub

Before connecting the subwoofer to your computer, make sure that you have the sound card driver.If there is no sound, set on the PC necessary audio drivers.The drivers have to go complete with a sound card.If you have installed the software, we can now turn to connect the subwoofer.Note the color of the input subwoofer jack.Plug in a similar color, the socket on the back of the computer.Turn on the subwoofer to the outlet.A dialog box appears on the desktop on which to set the parameters of output.Check the box next to "Access to the central channel" and save the settings by clicking "OK".

Click the speaker icon (Volume) on the taskbar and click the menu "Options".Select fad "Properties".All parameters set ticks and click "OK".Before you will be a lot of sliders, each of them set to the maximum position.