How to connect the subwoofer to the amplifier ?

How to connect the subwoofer to the amplifier ?

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How to connect the subwoofer to the amplifier?

No such motorist who is not engaged in tuning your car.Everyone is trying to improve his car as far as their strength and capabilities.Someone is pumping engine, some hangs aerodynamic body kits, and someone puts a powerful acoustics.There is a common misconception that in order to hear the muffled bass in the car, enough to throw in the trunk subwoofer and a pair of wires to connect it to the radio.In fact, things are not so simple.In most cases, you need to connect more and amplifier.In this article we will talk about how to connect the subwoofer to the amplifier.

types subwoofer amplifier

There are two basic types of amplifiers:

  • Monoblocks in which there is only one channel.It is called - subwoofer;
  • Multi-channel amplifiers, which can have up to eight channels.

However, the most common amplifiers with two or four channels.

instructions on connecting

First of all I want to draw your attention that the power supply to the amplifier is best to connect the wires with the largest possible cross-section.Generally, any speaker wires are burned very quickly.It should therefore be directly related to the question carefully mount the fuse on the battery.The fuse must be slightly larger fuse ratings of all connected devices.

hardest part to connect the subwoofer - the power cable is connected to the amplifier.


  1. Find a technological hole through which will pull the cable.If such openings you have found, it is necessary to drill.
  2. Route the wiring in a special harness from the engine compartment to the interior.You may need to partially remove the interior trim.Be careful not to pinch the wire anywhere.
  3. Bring wire in the trunk.Connect to an amplifier, plus and minus, respectively.
  4. half done.Now you need to connect the amplifier to the radio.To do this it will need to be removed.
  5. Connect the amplifier to the radio using the tulip by color.
  6. Connect terminal power from the radio to the amplifier switched on with it automatically.Some further establish a special button to be able to connect the amplifier separately from the radio.
  7. Next, connect the subwoofer to the radio.Depending on the number of amplifier channels evenly distribute the power between them.
  8. is also advisable to install a capacitor.It will help to reduce the energy consumption of the amplifier.Usually it is recommended to put the amplifier using the capacity of more than 400 watts.

As for the power amplifier, it is important not to fall for the bait marketers.The fact that the acoustic equipment manufacturers are increasingly trying to specify the maximum power on the packaging of its products.However, most of the power is not yet a guarantee of quality music sound.There are a lot of parameters that affect the sound quality.Read more about this you can read in the article How to choose a subwoofer.It should also be noted, that in itself is not a car audio subwoofer - it only adds to the installed sound system.

more practical tips you will find in the article How to connect How to connect the subwoofer and subwoofer.