How to connect the amplifier to the speakers ?

How to connect the amplifier to the speakers ?

You have columns, but they play loud enough?And you really want to increase the volume, but it does not work?To increase the volume on the speakers you can use the amplifier.This article will examine how to connect the amplifier to the speakers.

work with

speakers And so from the beginning.Most of the columns are not intended for connection to an amplifier, so if you connect them to the amplifier, they simply can not survive.They are primarily burn the wire.The fact that the factory small diameter wires have in cross-section, i.e. they are much thinner than other wires, and if current is let them with greater power and voltage, it may cause a fire.So first you need to change the factory wiring harness on a more solid.

In addition, the factory wiring is quite a lot of resistance, and as a result lost up to 35% of capacity.You need to take the speaker cables having a cross section 2h1.5mm and strip that runs along one of the two strands.

If you do not have an amplifier, it must be purchased.

Cable Select

addition also require acoustic kits and power cables.How best to choose the cables?If the power amplifier is 4x50 W, will suit the power cable, which in cross section is 8 mm.If the power amplifier 4x100 watts, then you need to buy a power cable with a cross section of 15 mm.As for speaker cables, they sectional should not be less than 2h1.5 mm.The set of cables needed and also the fuse holder and a pilot wire and line wire.

connection instructions

further left to connect the amplifier to the speakers.But still let us first consider some nuances.When you connect the amplifier to the speakers, there is one golden rule: the power most speakers should be much stronger than the power of the amplifier, in extreme cases, power should be equal.If this rule is not followed, then your speakers will last a long time.

  1. First, proceed to regular posting replacement in columns.And it can not be removed.It can still be useful.Suffice it only to disable.After conducting a full-time disabled, you can begin to broach our speaker cable.They stretched, secured.Then connect it to the speakers, observing correct polarity.
  2. It remains to connect the speakers to our amplifier.Giving advice on how to connect the speakers to the amplifier, consider the simplest case.In this case connected to the column amplifier using a bipolar cable.Moreover, the cable may be attached to the columns or through a connector or without connectors, there is attached with screws to the outputs on the columns.To properly connect the cable to the speakers, you need to observe polarity.Usually cable terminals indicated polarity, if not, the red wire is positive.
  3. to the amplifier, this speaker cable is connected with, or forks, ieIt has a special connector, or just bare wires (power has special clips).

And so you already know how to connect the speakers through an amplifier.A few words about the speaker cable.It can connect to an amplifier using the following types of plugs: pyatishtyrkovy, for the bipolar socket with mechanical fastening, and a two-pole PCB socket.