How to connect an amplifier to your computer ?

How to connect an amplifier to your computer ?

If you like to listen to good music in outstanding quality, the power - this is what you need.He is able to amplify the sound repeatedly, without distorting it in this case.Now your favorite songs will sound several times steeper.And we'll show you how to connect the amplifier to your computer.

Use audio connectors

  1. First, turn on the computer and amplifier.
  2. now get on the computer connector for headphones.This is a small round hole, near which is usually drawn headphones.It can be marked with a light green color.Insert the plug connector from the amplifier.
  3. Now connect the RCA plug to the back of the amplifier.Usually they are located on two.You need to find a pair, which is near the "AUX" is written.The red plug plug the connector into the red, and the remaining to the second terminal of the same pair.
  4. on your computer click on the icon with the loudspeaker.Lower the volume level sliders in the "Application" and "the Device" to half.Start the music player and listen to the speakers of the amplifier, the sound should come from them.That can now kerf at full volume.If one of the "silent" speakers, check the RCA-connectors.Most likely, you did something wrong.In this case, simply move the plug into the correct slot.

Use the USB-cable

  1. start the same way - from the computer and turn on the amplifier.
  2. Connect a USB-cable to the PC jack.
  3. now find USB-connector on the back of the amplifier.Near him it should be written «USB».
  4. right click on the speaker icon and select the item "playback device".In the window that opens, we find the power and mark it.
  5. turn down the volume level sliders in the "Application" and "the Device" to half.Includes any player to your favorite tune and control, so that the sound was coming from both the amplifier speaker.

Important Do not run the power directly to the maximum volume.Emerging with sharp claps may damage the speakers: the sound is distorted, or column does not work.And your hearing aid can also cause damage.

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