How to connect Hi- Fi (HiFi)?

How to connect Hi- Fi (HiFi)?

At this moment it is very difficult to give a precise definition to the word "Xay-Fi", but it stands as the «High Fidelity», which means a high potential.It's kind of a sign which refers to the sound quality.But now the term is rarely used because it has lost its popularity.And all because of the fact that many firms are seriously engaged in the release of high-tech speakers.At the moment, the difference between an expensive sound system and a budget option Xay-Fai, almost imperceptible.

Nowadays Hi-Fi is a non-technical format, and trade brand of mass values.If you do decide to buy yourself a real set of Hi-Fi, you will have to decide on the tasks that will be delivered to the system.This is the first step before the selection of components, because, as you know, Hi-Fi-equipment is divided into two types: equipment for eavesdropping music and theatrical performance of tasks.Of course, the coolest home theater allows you to do something, and then, but if you decide to buy equipment for a truly high-quality playback of different content, you can not do without a choice.After all, the market can find some models of stereo amplifier, which will cost 10 times more expensive theatrical «Hi-Fi-sets."And people are willing to pay that kind of money, because they are able to enjoy the sound fully.The Hi-Fi system includes:

  • First and foremost, of course, a set of speakers.
  • Next stereo or, as it is called, the receiver.
  • sound source, which may be a CD / DVD-player, but more often this role is played by the computer.
  • And, of course, interconnects and speaker cables.

Often during a hike in the audio and video equipment shop, with a desire to buy a set of Xay-Fi, there is a desire to buy a home theater, the device immediately includes everything!But if you carefully listen to such a device in a store, you will realize that this is absolutely not what you need and advantages, in addition to a large volume, it does not have.And now we will talk about how to connect Xay-Fi, independently.

Rules connection

diagrams of how to connect Xay-Fi, you can look here:

How to connect:

  • First of all, in order to result meet your expectations, you should use the bestconnection type.For example, if you are interested in video, your choice will fall on the connection HDMI, RGB, RF signal, etc., and to transmit audio: HDMI, digital audio or analog.
  • Secondly, remember, the connection should be as simple as possible, and for this you need to ensure that the number of cables has been reduced to a minimum.
  • Third, you should not save on connectors, which are needed for audio / video transmission.If you choose a longer cable, it will help to ensure that the signal passing through it will deteriorate.Often the problem of noise and wheezing is associated with long cable, and now you know how to quickly and easily resolve this issue.

listened to these simple rules, you will not have problems with the connection and the further operation of the equipment.The result, now you know how to connect Hi-Fi and how it should be chosen, and this is most important.Also, now you know the differences between the sets, and why people are willing to pay for high-quality expensive Xay-Fi device, and why you should not follow the rule of "all in one" in this situation.