How to build a column ?

How to build a column ?

If you do not want to buy the equipment, it is possible to make your own sound system.In this article we'll show you how to build a column for such a system.Of course, we will talk about the stationary speakers, as the technology of manufacturing portable speakers are much more complex and will require you to not only the existence of special knowledge and skills, but also special equipment and materials.

How to assemble speakers

First you need to take two identical cardboard boxes.Boxes must not be deformed and it is desirable that they are sufficiently strong and attractive to look at.Please note that the sound quality will depend on their size.Now take 2 dynamic head (any suitable size) with about 3 watts.head dimensions are not so important, because the sound quality in the first place will be determined by a cardboard speaker housing.Remember that it is better to use smaller speakers in large buildings, the more small.Next you need to cut a hole in the middle of the lids of boxes that mimic the shape of the head cone.Now drill the holes for fastening the speaker - 4 in each box.Further, between the covers of boxes and heads need to build any fabric, has good zvukopropuskayuschimi properties.Then fasten the head by means of screws, nuts and washers and drill from the back side of each box of 20-30 small diameter holes.Top boxes do the holes in the form of thermometers for mounting to the wall.

Finish the assembly

now need to glue on the corners of each of the rear wall 4 rubber circle about 5mm thick.This is necessary to ensure that the column is not attached to the wall closely, otherwise not be able to enjoy quality sound.With this simple procedure you can get from your speaker system 3-hvattovoy the same sound power, as in the modern, decorated inside with foam system 15 watt speaker output.Moreover, the advantages of your system and will transfer as bass.Next, we needed to take a 2-hprovodnoy flexible multicore cable section 0.75 mm.kv.and solder it to the dynamic head.Now we need to bring out the cable and attach the cover to the speaker cabinet.Thus collected columns and hanging on the wall, connect them to the amplifier with a power output not exceeding the capacity of each of the speakers.Note that these systems are designed for indoor use.Well - how to build a column with his own hands, we have found out, and now a few words about the amplifier, because without a good, high-quality "amp" column does not begin to sound, as it should.Generally it is a topic for another article, but we will give you instructions on designing your own amplifier to the speakers on the basis of chips.

How to build an amplifier for

speaker It is best to make a transistor amplifier, which has long been known scheme - on transistor chips, unlike the amplifier will sound much better.However, if you do not want to mess with the design and sound quality for you is not so critical, the easiest way to produce power on chips.For the manufacture of the amplifier, take the circuit board and install the appropriate chip on it (usually used chip with remote feet at No. 5, 11, 12).radiator area should be at least 600 square centimetersNow connect the enclosure to ground, and to the power supply, take down transformer amperage 5 A and voltage of 25 V. The transformer should be with two windings.Next you need to solder the capacitor in parallel diodes and filter capacitors.Capacitors first capacitance must be 0.01 microfarad capacitors C2 and C4 0.1 uF capacitors and the capacitors C1 and C3 - 22 microfarads voltage 50V supply voltage under load of 8 ohms should be 35 B and in 4 ohm -27 V. The voltage on the windings of the transformer (secondary) must be 20 V. The scheme of this amplifier, you can find here.