Where to sell a kidney ?

Where to sell a kidney ?

medical advances have now reached such a level that organ transplants have become quite commonplace.

Internet is full of advertisements for the sale and purchase of the kidneys, however, see our article, and more than once think before you use any of them.

How to sell a kidney in Russia

Russian legislation banned trade in their own bodies, so the sale of kidneys is pursued by law enforcement agencies.However, many consumers used a loophole in the law by which permitted voluntary organ donation.In this case, the transaction is not be documented, and the money is transferred, for example, in respect of treatment and so on. N.

In order to sell a kidney so you need to find someone who needs a transplant and is willing to pay for a donor organ.

Where can I sell a kidney in

world trade in human organs officially allowed in countries such as India, Pakistan, Thailand, Iran and Iraq.In their kidneys for sale of 75% of all transactions associated with organ transplantation.

Many clinics in these countries specialize in providing such services, and some of them even organize special "farm" kidney.This particular apartment, where people who have been screened live while waiting for customers who are ready to buy their authority.Usually the clinic clients are wealthy citizens of Europe and America, and donors - are poor people living in the country.

cost and risks

cost of a kidney transplant in various institutions ranging from 40 to 100 thousand dollars, however, be naive to believe that all these are prepared by donors.For example, in India, a man who lost one of paired organs, receives an amount of $ 1,000.The rest of the money goes to host both transplants, payment intermediaries and subsequent rehabilitation of patients.

In other countries (including Russia), donors rarely get on your hands more than 2-5 thousand dollars.More information about the features of the payments can be found in our article What does it cost to sell a kidney.Thus people until his death are disabled, they have to take medications to maintain a strict diet.And even with all the recommendations, the life expectancy after surgery is an average of 15-20 years.

In addition, organ transplantation - a profitable business, and therefore attracts a huge number of fraudsters who are trying to earn a fraud as potential donors and recipients.At best, the promise fabulous payments are asked to list a small deposit through a fake clinic and disappear with the money, at worst - the operation is still carried out, but to pay for the lost organ, no one will.

Therefore, before making the decision, think many times, maybe your financial difficulties are not such difficulties.

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