How to build an amplifier ?

How to build an amplifier ?

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How to build an amplifier?

Many radio amateurs and music lovers dream about how to build your own power.Consider how you can collect power with their own hands, that for this you will need and what to consider when building an amplifier.


amplifier First of all, it is worth noting that in this case we will consider the assembly of a tube amp, because it is the most simple in your device.Assemble it yourself will be able to virtually anyone.


To assemble a tube amp, you can use a variety of parts, including the old production.As a platform for a tube amp, you can use the usual plywood.Buy spare parts you can store radios.Take copies can be discounted, the main thing that they were working properly.

  • First of all, you need to buy a transformer.You can use a single-channel network transformer, which is very affordable in terms of price.
  • You will need two additional smaller transformer, which are called sound.These transformers will connect the speakers.
  • Also you need tube panels, which will be attached to the lamp.

Next, consider the amplifier directly to the assembly.

assembly process

  1. Take a platform for the installation of transformers.As it is mentioned above, you can use plywood.
  2. Secure the mains transformer on the edge of the platform, at the opposite end - two audio transformer.Securing the produce using conventional screws.
  3. Set in the immediate vicinity of mounting for lamps.
  4. Swipe from the mains transformer with a secondary winding wire, which should go under the platform and connect to the capacitor through a current limiting resistor, the second filter capacitor.Capacitors should be secured so that they are not adjoined to each other, the stopper should come into contact with the two capacitors as close as possible.
  5. Secure coupling capacitors and move them to the wire from the sound source.From these capacitors should depart the other wires that will connect directly with audio transformers.
  6. The chain can include additional capacitors.This will allow you to improve the sound quality.
  7. Also do not forget to use the resistors.Fix them you need directly in the vicinity of capacitors, but so that they do not touch them.Resistors will have resistance in the electrical circuit.Use
  8. type film capacitors, since they are relatively inexpensive, and at the same time quality.
  9. connecting all the wires from the power transformer through a capacitor to the audio transformers, you can proceed to install the lamps.
  10. should use the combined lamp, which is a triode and pentode.
  11. Install the lamp on a special socket, which were fixed on your platform.
  12. Now you need only to connect the speakers to the transformers using a soldering iron.
  13. Then you need to connect the audio source to the wires that extend from the capacitors.

amplifier is ready for use.

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