As my body matures ?

As my body matures ?

All people are unique, each chooses his own way: someone prefers a healthy life, and some to ignore the basic rules.But physiological processes in the body at all occur approximately one circuit.

development in childhood

fastest growing baby's body.From 6 months baby teeth begin to erupt, developing organs (eg, eyes, inner ear) almost to the level of an adult already in the first year of life.In early childhood, speech and memory are formed.The child learns to navigate in space, to three years will develop.Children begin to eat themselves, learn to be independent.An important role is the development of motor skills: first kid raises his chin, then sits up, crawls, and learning to walk.

At this age, the development of boys and girls is almost the same.Kid still not able to ask the question such as "how to grow up my body?".For 7 years in a fully developed visual perception and binocular vision.In 10 years there is an intensive development of mental features of the person.Children begin to navigate in time, add up the notion of months and years.It is important to pay attention to puberty.The girls already with 8 years of rounded hips, the pelvis widens.Later there pubic hair and armpits, increase the size of the breast, changes vaginal secretion, as a result, there is menstruation.

Boys larynx grows, develops sex organs (testes and penis).It begins growth of body hair, armpits, face, pubic.Begin early ejaculation.Details of the sexual sphere of life, the description of the problems that arise every teenager, and their control is considered like the book Valeria Fadeeva.Purchase can be in the bookstore, and in electronic form, simply enter in the search box Yandex something like "Fadeyev as growing up my body," and you will see hundreds of offers.Every teenager will find a lot of details and nuances of the transfer of adolescence becomes easier.

During this period, developing musculoskeletal system, digestive system, respiratory system stabilizes, the urogenital apparatus.At this age, there is gender identity, the child associates with a specific gender.

In his prime, and old age

man in adolescence is formed into a complete personality.During this period, the body structure is practically unchanged.The question of how growing up my body, is not worried.At the time of his youth and maturity of the development of the human body reaches its peak.But closer to the old human consciousness there are serious changes, though he has gained and life experience, and professional skills.It would seem that we are considering the maturity, and have gradually switched to aging.physiological changes occur in the human body.Reduced metabolic process, as there is a change in behavior.This is due to a general deterioration of health, decrease the efficiency of the immune system.There is no question about how growing up my body, but rather, it is aging.The heart, kidneys, lungs, even the brain do not work productively produced slower cellular enzymes.Man is not so quickly recovers and restores, as in adolescence or adulthood.

prominent in the brain changes: worsening short-term memory, slows down the reaction.An elderly man almost not able to train, unable to cope with large volumes of information.Some become depressed and become insecure, shy slowness.Such people are narrow circle of friends, trying not to appear in public.Although the brain is also ready to accept the new, but simply requires for its assimilation more time than ever before.Those who brave the contrary, regularly activates the brain, is constantly learning (activate intellectual processes), prefer to communicate with people young and promising.We can say, slow down aging.Therefore, as we approach old age, experts recommend more visit the open age, exercise and smile!