How to write standing up?

How to write standing up?

No one would hide the fact that the ability to write standing for men - a handy gift of nature.Firstly, it lets relieve themselves "in a hurry", and secondly, it can be done even in those places where it is very inconvenient to do.So it happened that in due course the question of how to write standing up, set out and the women themselves in the hope of ridding yourself of a number of troubles.

Ladies, get up to the urinal!

and the inventor went to meet girls, for girls, mothers and grandmothers - have created a simple device for women.Writing standing beautiful half of humanity is now is not difficult.In fairness it should be noted that the idea of ​​the appearance of this thing itself was comic.But then, when some simple instruments conquered the market, ladies appreciated them.Small and compact, they have become a rescue when the possibility of urination in a sitting position for any reason is missing.For example, after a difficult birth, as a result of which needed stitches in the perineum, or banal - in a public toilet.In Europe, long-devices are in demand by admirers of Hygiene and distributed free of charge in many closet.

What is it like to this device?In general, the devices invented a lot.But the sense of one - it is a plastic funnel or cone-shaped bag made of thick waterproof paper.Second Embodiment disposable, it is used in public places.

Photos of the unit, as well as instructions on how to write a girl standing with it, can be found on the Internet easily.

How to teach the boy to write standing

with kids is much more difficult.In boys own instrument, and teach your baby to control it is very, very difficult.Some claim that this knowledge is necessary to devote the same time to potty training, while others - with the child reaches a certain age.

As a rule, children are accustomed to the pot in a year and a half, and finally begin to make friends with him only three years.But just a year and a half, and boys and girls pee the same way - sitting.However, the older boy, the easier it is to convey to him the aesthetic issues of the campaign in a toilet.By 3-4 years, according to, experts, the child must have the same grasp science writings standing.

How to make the process of learning the most effective and interesting for your child?For starters do not put pressure on the baby's authority.Tell him that, as it should, if possible, let Dad decipher science to practice, and then just remind your child of this need.Everything must take place in the form of a game.

Thus let the process take its course of study, psychologists also advise not.The child may like the "sedentary" lifestyle, and the older the child the more difficult it is to eradicate the habit.Write

standing: how to explain?

  1. As mentioned above, the call for help of men.An illustrative example in this case, the reliability of any persuasion.Dad, older brother, grandfather - will suit any teacher.
  2. best to start training during the summer.Then the clothes less and options to practice more.When the baby
  3. request to the toilet, not sadite it, and lift the pot in front of him.Subsequently, some of the boys begin to raise themselves to the pot itself.
  4. Organize child toilet, so it was convenient to go to him, put a small stool or baby cradle.

And whatever it was - do not worry!Pampers school still has not been put on.