How to cure addiction?

How to cure addiction?

Any relationship is detrimental, whether addicted to alcohol, sex, card games and drugs.Especially depending susceptible adolescents and young adults.Not so long ago, a wave of poisonings Spice - narcotic smoking blends.Many young people say goodbye to the life or earn serious diseases.In this regard, the question arises: how to cure dependence on Spice?First, let's see what are these smoking blends.


Traffickers lull vigilance teenagers, claiming SPICE - is a completely natural product, namely dried herbs.But this is far from true.When were the Spice in 2008, the first time, perhaps, it was so.The spice plants included, providing psychotropic effect:.. Hawaiian rose, sage, skullcap, blue lotus, etc.

However, a little later, these mixtures are much more dangerous: because they began to add synthetically synthesized drugs.Imported drug in powder form and then soaked them dissolved dried herbs.Thus, Spice began to cause more dependent and stronger poisoning.

How to cure dependence on spice

  • course, you need to resort to using a doctor-psychiatrist.The first thing to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins, because in fact there was a chemical intoxication.Naturally, you need to completely refuse to accept SPICE.During detox the patient must use special preparations - adsorbents, diet, walk, drink plenty of water.When light is depending on help at home, if a serious case - in the hospital or in a clinic.
  • important psychological support for the patient from the relatives.It is necessary to protect dependent on the bad influence from other addicts.It is important that person must knowingly renounced drugs and agreed to treatment - and this is the first major step to recovery.It is necessary that the patient understood: Spice - this is not the harmless herbal mixture, and a dangerous and destructive drug.

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