How to change gender ?

How to change gender ?

Medicine today has stepped far forward.Those operations, which previously could not and think about to become a reality.So, with the help of modern plastic surgery it has become possible to change the floor and, as a consequence, to find his real "I".Let this somewhat radical way.

How to change floor: preparation

Immediately before the operation a person must go through a grueling training, divided into 3 stages:

  • First, to establish a diagnosis of "transsexualism" psychiatric examination will be held.If it detects that a person has varies, gender correction will be denied.
  • Secondly, after the diagnosis is confirmed, a person must pass social adaptation - he will have to spend at least one year as a member of the opposite sex.Thus all are convinced that the decision is final.
  • Third, begins hormonal changes - receiving special preparations.A person to change their sex, will have to take the rest of their lives.

Permit for operation shall be issued in the following cases:

  1. incessant feeling of sexual inconsistency throughout life, which was realized at an early age;
  2. Frequent visits sexologist (period - not less than one year);
  3. Inpatient examination in the clinic in the last month;
  4. high probability of suicide because of the conflict between gender and the inner self-perception;
  5. lack of mental disorders and homosexuality;
  6. high level of social adaptation in new vital role.

Finally, after all the hurdles are passed, in a specialized clinic makes sex-change operation.

How is

operation on the operating table at the man removed the penis and genital area of ​​the vagina is formed from scraps of fabric penis, scrotum, bowel fragments and other parts of the body.Prior to removal of the testes the patient must undergo an intensive course of hormone therapy to lower testosterone levels.The hormone stops being produced after the removal of the testicles, which reduces the strength of the received hormonal agents.Now the man will have to make the female sex hormones - estrogens, to change the contours of the body and increase the breasts.

make of woman a man is much more difficult as to form a functional penis from a small area of ​​tissue in the clitoris is almost impossible.His attempt to create not earlier than one year after the female genital organs were removed.Part of the breast is also deleted.

risks as with any surgical procedure, associated with the possibility of bleeding and infection, as well as scars, numbness, and the need of reoperation.