How to beat a woman ?

How to beat a woman ?

Of course, everyone knows that women can not be beat.In addition, for beating it contains an article of the Criminal Code.However, there are cases when a woman is attacking itself, behaves aggressively and inappropriately due to the effects of alcohol or other drugs.In such cases, of course, you just need to be able to fight back.

This article carries information only and does not incline to the assault.Those who think that "beating a woman," this is normal, it is necessary to read the other article - Art.116 of the Criminal Code.This article describes how to beat a woman in self-defense correctly so as not to cause her serious injury.


We need to know how to beat the girl in the face, without causing any harm.Slap to be sharp and quick, but not strong.can not waving a hand, should only move his hand.Thus it is necessary to aim slightly above the chin, so as not to get into the eyes, do not catch his breath.We need to try to beat the right cheek to the way of the fingers were not the lips, or bleeding may occur.

Strike the "solar plexus"

"solar plexus" is in the middle of the trunk, between the chest and abdomen.Very pointing two fingers in this vulnerability can cause severe pain and momentary asphyxia.However, no serious consequences for women and will not be even a trace on the skin does not remain.The main thing - do not hit too hard.

blow to the ribs

If there is an opportunity to strike at the edges, in any case can not be beat in the upper part.It is desirable to expose the impacts only the lower ribs.If the lower edge of break, it will not cause damage to internal organs such as the upper.

hit on his hands and feet

can not be beat on the joints.It is possible to strike only in the middle of the shoulder or the leg.This will minimize the risk of fractures and at the same time will cause a lot of pain.Attempts on the buttocks is quite safe and effective.

How to grab the hair

During the fight, you can fix a woman, tightly grasping her hair.It should capture the largest possible amount of hair at the roots.Then the ability to accidentally pull out a handful of hair is minimized, and the woman will be hard to resist.

Where you can not beat

In no case did not deal a blow to the abdomen and groin.A woman may be pregnant, and then the child can suffer from shock.Furthermore, abdominal trauma can lead to infertility.

can not be beat in the chest, so as not to damage the ribs and breasts.

should not be strangling a woman, as the neck area contains many blood vessels, lymph nodes and thyroid injury which may lead to serious problems down to oncology.

can not hit on the head, strike directly in the face.After all, not calculating the force, doing so can damage the eyes, knock the teeth and even accidentally killing a woman.

How to protect yourself from injury?

It must be remembered that women generally do not know how to lead the fight, often do not possess the martial arts, and therefore the fight instinctively, like animals, often using claws and teeth.During the fight, you need to protect eyes, ears, nose.Do not forget that a woman can be shoes with heels that makes it more dangerous blows feet.

During the fight with a woman you have to be very careful not to give vent to emotions.If possible, better to avoid the use of force.