How to fool a polygraph ?

How to fool a polygraph ?

not often in the life of an ordinary man faced with a polygraph (lie detector), but there are people who are just curious to check their ability to lie.If you think that a lie detector to deal only criminals, you are mistaken, when applying for a job, some organizations use a polygraph test.In this article we will talk about how you can fool a polygraph, and in general, is it possible?

Polygraph: the essence of the instrument and the research methodology

Polygraph - a biomedical device that records multiple physiological parameters of the human body.It is assumed that the false responses of your body's reaction will give you.Self-examination process is as follows: the operator (polygraph) asks tricky questions prepared in advance, and the lie detector captures metrics of your body.The interrogation may last for a long time, so if you are going to cheat a polygraph and the operator, it is worth a lot of patience and is tuned for long psychological burden.Before the main test are given checklists to understand your reaction to them, it matters a simple plan: "Do you live in Russia?".Just test questions can be set at a basic test, if the operator you suspect that you are trying to fool the polygraph.Answers to test questions must be yes or no.

This procedure is humiliating enough, and represents a stressful situation.Since the polygraph test is an invasion of your privacy, You have the right to give it up, it will not be seen as an admission of your guilt, but still cast a shadow on your innocence.If you can not disable it, but you want to hide something, the only way for you is to try to fool the polygraph.

counter polygraph methods can be divided into groups:

  • Mechanical.
  • Psychological.
  • medication.
  • Physiological.

How to fool the polygraph: guide to action

  1. first method reduces to the fact that I hurt myself with truthful answers to these indicators when figures were similar to when false answers.You can bite tongue, or put a button in the boot under the finger, or strain your muscles (the most invisible way - to stretch the muscles of the buttocks).
  2. Another way medical - take sedatives, they inhibit the reaction, and thus indicators are vague for any answers.
  3. Another of physiological methods - not enough sleep, or take a drink, then the reaction will also be inhibited.
  4. One of the psychological techniques, is to ask ourselves every operator tricky question, simple question with the answers you need.For example, you asked a question: "You stole the money?" And you say to yourself, "My name is Ivan?" And the answer out loud: "No", because you name is Alexander.Thus, the response will be as in the truthful answer.
  5. You can also use the association to represent something nice with questions that you need to tell lies, and bad at questions that you answer truthfully.
  6. The next way is to suppress all emotions.Or on the contrary to keep themselves in a constant emotional tension, to confuse the operator.
  7. And the other option is to cause the desired reaction to specific questions.Feigned reaction can cause by starting the thought process, count response to complex example, or remember what upsets you, when answering a minor issue.A tricky question is answered automatically, without thinking.

In conclusion, it is worth saying that the experienced polygraph hard to deceive, and the unit itself, simply reflects the physiological processes of your body that occur reflexively.When testing the operator is watching your external behavior under test can not move, so often physiological techniques are ineffective and obvious.If you are drunk or sleepy, a trained eye it is easy to determine.The hardest thing to recognize the psychological techniques, but it is also possible, with the help of test questions.Therefore, if you are undecided as to fool the polygraph, exercise, can even be tested by independent experts.Also read the article about the fraud, and external signs, issuing liars.