How to hack a program ?

How to hack a program ?

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How to hack a program?

problem of protection against hacking programs now gaining popularity.Most often, the software protects the code, which communicates to the user after registration.

activation program may have limited useful lives may be filled with annoying advertisements, the desired function can be turned off in it.

When software activation code is issued to the user, while entering which is its verification and, if it is correct, have access to all necessary functions.

Often protection for programs developed by the founders of the monotonous, allowing them to hack in a few minutes.This article is not designed exclusively recommended for educational purposes and hacking programs.

Now you will learn about common methods of hacking by hackers to begin to effectively deal with unauthorized access to the programs and improve the protection system.Article 159.6 of the Criminal Code provides for a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison for fraud in the sphere of computer information.

hacking methods

for hacking programs.Net at the moment there are three very simple ways available even novice hackers to use popular free software tools such as Reflector '.For example, take any program in which the license does not contain instructions on hacking, but to register and given the opportunity to use the demo period.

example of such a site is Espresso, which offers free access without registration for 60 days after installation.It should be noted that program.Net is a code written language Delfi.NER, C #, F #, or Visual Basic, and that is compiled to MSIL, or IL.Therefore, in this case incorrectly applied the concept of decompilation software, as the program is in the public domain, and programs such as Reflector 'can improve the readability of the code, converting MSIL to a design language F #, C # and others.

Zeroing trial

A quick break option is reset trial, which is hardly a burglary, since the method represents an increase of the program demo-period, which has not yet been officially registered.

  1. find the storage date of installation of the program.
  2. change it or delete.

On Espresso example:

  1. Using Reflector to view the code.
  2. In MainForm constructor find a line this.ExpressoKey = @ «Software \\ Ultrapico \\ Expresso».
  3. open the Registry Editor, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareUltrapicoExpresso and looking for keys that contain information about the date of the first run of the program.
  4. delete them.

Now program term could be extended for another 60 days!

Writing keygen'a

  1. Open Reflector 'and look for the code containing the classes Registration or License.For example, Expresso code looks like this: Public bool IsValid (string UserName, string RegistrationCode)
  2. When you enter the UserName and Sode, going by the name of the calculation of the hash, which is subsequently compared with the code.Public string ComputeCode (string UserName).This hash uses prefixes and DES.
  3. Open IDE, copy all the necessary elements codes.

ascertained values ​​in Prefix, Suffix, implementation options MyDES, can eventually generate a key for any given name.

Using wrapper

Using wrapper serves as a third embodiment of hacking.Since the license check is very problematic and takes a lot of time, the founders of software license check only 1 time, and then set the box - is valid or not.This point can be used in case of burglary, it is enough to indicate software that the license verification already carried out or that it is valid.For hackers there are some difficulties, because the software is decompiled into the MSIL, and then going back.

For the decompilation process requires ildasm utility from the SDK, as well as the compiler uses Framework ilasm.In this method, the original signature is replaced by the signature of a cracker, with the result that problems may arise when working with libraries, because they will need to be disassembled and then re-assemble.But in the end we get free software with their own key.

On Expresso example shows that if the program is already registered, it does not check the validity of the license, and it can be used.To do this, create a new project, add a Reference to the Expresso.exe and run it through.As protection from burglars developers are advised to check the license is slightly more so will be able to prevent the installation of unnecessary variables.


  1. can be fought effectively on the basis of the information provided to unauthorized access by hackers and hacking programs to create a more effective system of protection.
  2. We conclude that program.NET is very easy to crack, if the developer was not careful enough.The question of the appropriateness of time and resources to the protection of the software's up to the creators.
  3. Alternatively, it is worth considering the possibility of creating a web-system or free version with limited functions.