How to cut down the man?

How to cut down the man?

Wanting to protect themselves in case of attack, many people want to know how to cut down the human impact.However, we must remember that in order to "cut down" the enemy, that is, deprive him of consciousness, it is necessary to know in what kind of place on his body should be beat.In addition, you need to have a strong impact and be delivered ready to spray injury enemy not only physically, but also psychologically.

How to cut down a man with a single blow

In martial arts defined zones on the human body, which can be a blow to instantly bring the enemy down:

  • groin area;
  • liver area (on the abdomen on the right);
  • zone of the solar plexus;
  • region of the heart;
  • temporal area of ​​the head.

course, in sports such attacks are forbidden, so they can be used only in a state of self-defense, or the like "cutting out" may result in criminal liability.Details on how and where to strike, to knock a person read the articles on our website - Where to beat the man.

course knowledge of vulnerabilities does not always help in the fight, as to cut down on the time a person will just the right kick.Such an attack is called a knockout, it is the most effective self-defense tool.By mastering them, you can quickly end the fighting.Naturally, the best way to learn knockout strike, and the like to cut down the person using it - is to go to the boxing section.However, with due diligence and regular training, you can learn it at home.

coaching application knockout blow

To learn knockout strike is necessary not only to develop certain muscle groups, but, above all, to develop dexterity, accuracy and speed of reaction.Coaching can be hit using hanging punching bag, but it is equally important to work out and blows in sparring.Of course, in order to cut down a man with a single blow, need self-confidence, the ability to quickly focus and act intelligently, without losing the energy wasted.Knockout Punch to be sudden and dramatic, it is necessary to put forward that it is difficult to evade him.All of these skills during training should be brought to automaticity, so as not to get lost during a fight.

So, the main characteristics of a knockout blow are:

  • force;
  • speed;
  • element of surprise;
  • counter factor.

Only the combination of these factors will help to cut down the man with a single blow.

The man cut down

as improvised weapons for self-defense, you can use almost any of the objects around us.For example, a conventional stick (or object similar to it) may be applied to a knockout blow, "as the butt."

Various household items can be used to carry out attacks, and to throw them at the enemy.Such items may include: mobile phone, perfume bottles, bunch of keys, a cup of canned bank and even a handful of small change.Even if you cut down the person using them does not succeed, you may receive the chance to disorient the enemy and gain time.

large and flat objects, such as a bag, a book, a chair, it is better to use as a shield.In addition, such a shield can also attack: to push the plane hit the edge and corner.If such a "shield" is in your hands, then combined with a kick in the stomach, knee or groin enemy, you can continue the attack hit the edge of the "board".

blow to the head with a heavy object can also cut down on human time, but there is a great danger not calculate the force of impact and cause fatal injury to the opponent, which is certainly not desirable.Not having certain skills handling cold steel, it is not necessary also to use in self-defense sharp objects such as needles, screwdrivers, and so on. N. Since there is a danger cause serious injury not only the enemy, but also themselves.

skills self help save lives in the event of real danger, but at the slightest chance to get away from the fighting and resolve the conflict peacefully - they need to take advantage of.If the striker commits unlawful acts threatening your life, you must at the earliest opportunity appeared to call for help the police.