How to hack a mailbox ?

How to hack a mailbox ?

I'm sure many of the Internet users at least once heard about the hacking mailboxes.Most likely you yourself have repeatedly been subjected to the risk of losing your email inbox.Remember how many times you come to a strange kind of writing in which it was reported that you have won the lottery, became the winner of a controversial draw, and so on.In each such letter, in addition to their contact information, it was necessary to specify the data and to access the post office.

addition to the above, there are many ways to hack into someone else's mailbox.Let's look at them in detail, as this will help to protect your own e-mail from malicious actions.

mail hacking methods

How to crack a mailbox?There are several ways to gain control over someone else's mailbox.Each of the methods has a different degree of technical complexity.Some methods do not require the presence of any special knowledge, for others need a good technical training.One of the interesting ways to learn from someone else's password mailbox is described in the article How to know the password of the mail?


It's pretty simple, but not always an effective way.The effectiveness of phishing attacks depend on its technical complexity.The easiest option Phishing - to send the letter to which the receiver will respond and the response will give their personal data.Surely you have received a letter from the headlines "you won a million euros," or "your mailbox has been compromised."Today on such letters, few conducted, since many postal services are warning users about their dangers.

to a higher level of phishing use links to bogus page.For example, a user receives an email with some information and a link to one of the postal services.Following the link, the user gets on a front page that can completely copy a page of the mail service and contain the form to login to the postal service.By entering on this page all the necessary information, it does not get to the mail server, and straight into the wrong hands.

relevant quantity Site Ssrirting

Hacking mail using different vulnerabilities or, in other words - xss (relevant quantity Site Ssrirting).The essence of this method lies in the introduction of a variety of malicious links or malicious code on a particular web page.This method allows you to use special scripting commands to access the user's cookie file.

This method requires some knowledge of programming languages, as well as knowledge of postal services vulnerabilities.


This method is the most rude, as it is an elementary choosing a password for the mailbox.password selection is carried out with the help of a special program, which has its own dictionary of passwords.It should be noted that this method is not very effective for complex spill when the password contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.In addition, almost all email services have a limit of password attempts, after which will be blocking ip, which came with a request for authorization.

How to protect your mailbox?

protection method is very simple - to get started, create yourself "complex" password for the mailbox.Recall complex password must have uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters and numbers (example - Fg-08 ** hd74g - a password can not be brute hack).

To protect against phishing, just enough to be cautious.Enter your username and password from the mailbox only to the mail service login page.Be careful and look at the address of the page containing the form to access the mailbox.