How to tighten your buttocks in the home ?

How to tighten your buttocks in the home ?

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How to tighten your buttocks in the home?

good shape buttocks tend to reach both women and men who want to look attractive and keep your body in good physical tone.Mistakenly believed that priests can achieve perfect without any effort - unless you decide to give yourself into the hands of the surgeon-cosmetician.However, if you think about how to tighten the buttocks without medical intervention, prepare for regular muscle stress and accumulate the will and stubbornness.

How quickly tighten the buttocks

Note that quickly - does not mean any case, it will take time.So if you are going to hit the surrounding lovely booty on the beach, start training at least one month before the holiday.And actually buttocks tighten, even at home, the main thing to force yourself to work every day.And do not overdo it, to not treat a few days or enslaved muscles, the more tension.So it is always necessary to start with a warm-up muscles.To do this takes exactly stand, feet put together, and the body leans forward.The goal: to get hand fingertips floor without bending your knees.This should be done 10 times, slowly, to the leg muscles time to stretch out as much as possible, to warm up, but not injured.Mash, proceed to the exercises.

  1. One of the most effective and well-known exercises designed to tighten the buttocks - is a "bridge".Lying on your back, legs bent heel placed as close as possible to the pope, but the hands are placed along the body.Objective: raise your pelvis until a straight line from your knees almost to his shoulders.Should fulfill at least 10 times and not less than twice a day.
  2. Do not forget about the primitive squat, as they well help to quickly tighten the buttocks.The main thing - to observe the simple conditions: keep your back straight and shoulders deployed.In this position, all the exercises force is only on foot, and if you do it for 10 sit-ups, and 3 times a day, a month get a firm and taut buttocks.
  3. Good results give the lifting legs from a position on all fours.The key to success in preserving the lifted leg straight and the direction of fixing it to the floor of the nose.When lowering down the fingers should not touch the floor.It will help to understand how to tighten the buttocks with a video demonstration of the exercises.
  4. effectively help to tighten the buttocks at home foot moves back with a fixed load on it.Find a reliable support for which will keep hands, feet, and recovered from line (certainly straight!) As high as possible is not less than 10 times and at least twice a day.
  5. Exercises to tighten the buttocks, from the looks funny, but act quickly and reliably.One of them is to sit on the floor, pull forward and pull straight leg socks in his side.In such a situation should "cross" on one buttock to the other, moving forward and then backward.Hands can not be a start!Initially, the exercise seems to be very difficult, but eventually you will be able to "walk the pope" a long way - and also get amazing its shape.What other exercises can tighten the buttocks, learn, read the article How to pump up the ass.

Pulling muscles on the simulator

Ideally, of course, know how to tighten the muscles of the buttocks fitness coaches, accompanying classes in gyms.Experts believe very effective, such as the treadmill.Its houses are not everyone can install - it takes place enough.However, it allows you to take care not only about how to make the buttocks tightened, but also to improving the shape thighs.For quick results do not count - have run for a long time.

those who signed up for fitness, as tends to make buttocks tightened, you should pay special attention to the Smith machine.It is similar to those by which the upper body is inflated with the rod, bearing only located inside the building.Work on this simulator is better under the supervision of an instructor, because the desire to tighten the buttocks often makes enthusiasts to start with too much load, leading to injury.Read more about this in the article How to build buttocks.

massage as a way to tighten the buttocks

note that limited solely by this method, you are unlikely to get a quality tighten the buttocks.Professional masseur after much effort will make your ass is much more elastic, but the muscle will not trained.So it is better to combine exercise with a massage.Moreover, in order to tighten the buttocks, in the home, you can do self-massage.Before the shower can be pinched movement across the surface of the priests, and then hold pat.And in the soul vigorously rub the buttocks with a soft brush or a hard sponge.Only this should be done in moderation, not leading to skin bright red.And then be sure to lubricate the self-massage the buttocks fat cream.Some advised to use anti-cellulite, but its effectiveness is questionable in many, so decide for yourself - believe it or not.

role of nutrition and lifestyle in an attempt to make the buttocks tightened

usually different diets recommended wishing to lose weight.However, even if you just want to tighten the buttocks muscles, to reconsider their lifestyle still have.This is especially true of the fair sex: being overweight is not noticeable yet generally deposited them in the first place by the pope.Choose some special diet is not necessary, it is sufficient to limit the number of sweet, fatty and starchy foods, as well as to give up carbonated drinks.Council not to eat after 6 pm As for perhaps only those who put to bed at 10. If your treatment involves placing later, just try not to open the fridge after dinner.As to tighten the buttocks, require regular exercise, will also have to give up smoking and alcohol - as, indeed, all the athletes.The benefits of massage and diet read the article How to make an elastic ass.

drawing conclusions, we can say that tighten buttocks - work, and a long time.But beautiful, taut ass is worth it!