How to hack a post on Yandex ?

How to hack a post on Yandex ?

Most Internet users often evaluate the safety of their data is high, although in reality it is not.For example, there are many simple ways to hack post on Yandex, however, it is not aware so many people.Usually break into the post office to find out who the person talking or to steal more serious data.Often such hacking exposed to large firms, however, and the average user Yandex-mail should be on the alert.

Let us consider in what ways you can hack Yandex-mail.

hacking methods Yandex-mail

Hacking via the secret question

When registering a mailbox on Yandex password recovery using a phone number.However, it was not always.This innovation appeared relatively recently, before it was possible to specify the mailbox to which comes the password to regain access.Therefore, most users are still not specified phone number.Hence, there was a vulnerability.To use it, you must:

  1. Knowing login from the box, click on the option "Forgot password?" And enter the username.
  2. you will be offered to answer the secret question.The answer to it, if you know, but if not, you should first find out.
  3. After that, the service will offer to send an SMS with the recovery code to the phone number.However, the owner of it has not yet, and therefore, you can specify any number.Thus, you will get a SMS with the code and will be able to crack the post on Yandex.

However, this vulnerability can be removed in a short time, and crack any drawer will come out of ignorance of the secret question.

Hacking using fraudulent emails

Many users do not know the address, the administration service Yandex will never ask to send your login and password in response to a letter of support.Therefore, you can send a letter to the correct box purportedly from the technical support with a request to send in response to a login and password so that the box is not removed.This method does not always work, but quite often with inexperienced users.

second option - to send an invitation to join a club, service, forum or any other place that requires a login and password to log on.Users often send login and password are the same as in the mail.

Hacking using viruses and the various programs

If you are an experienced burglar, you can send mail special Trojan, virus or script that will have access to the mail man.You can also download a special program and brute force to try to break it.But these methods are technically complex.

Hacking using services

the Internet you can find a huge number of sites that offer paid hack post on Yandex.You can use them if you do not mind spending a little money.However, not all services operate in good faith.

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