How to hack a page in contact ?

Probably each of us at least once wanted to break into someone else's contact page.There are a number of simple ways that this can be done.

Most of them are just based on the observation of human behavior and knowledge of his psychology.Before you do this, think about how you need it, and that next time it can do to you.Everyone has the right to their privacy.

should be added that for violation of secrecy of correspondence in the Russian criminal law has an article providing for the real term of imprisonment.

hacking methods

To date, such methods more than fifteen, and bring some of them.So, here are some ways:

  1. You can get a person, the cookies have, the page you want to hack in contact.Cookies - a folder that creates a Web site on a personal computer.It stores some information, for example, any of the settings that visitor did while on this site, as well as usernames and passwords.This method with an absolute guarantee, if you are, of course, learn cookies.
  2. Basically, all people have the passwords in e-mail, games, Skype, ICQ, actually visited the site, and the same on the computer.
  3. You can find the password from the e-mail address.In this case, crack free contact page by clicking the page "to recover your password."Password recovery comes to e-mail.
  4. The following method is called phishing.The essence of it is that you are creating a site similar to the site "VKontakte".If you're lucky, your "mentee" confuse with your site and leave it in your password.
  5. How to contact hack page to a friend?If you know exactly what it has the same password everywhere, you can place in a network forum on his favorite topic.He may be registered there and leave the password.
  6. People often invent passwords consisting of numbers date of birth, nicknames animals modified their first and last name, and so on.Think about what your password might establish the person that you are going to crack.Perhaps the answer to the surface.
  7. viruses.It is necessary that the man picked up a strong virus, trojan better.Once the virus is on a computer, it activates the necessary steals passwords and sends them to the attacker.Crackers and hackers on a daily basis coming up with new ways to break the pages they create similar sites, and send notifications from the administration with a request to register twice to improve service.Also you can do and if set out to crack the page contact.

Scripts and

software How to hack into the contact page using scripts?Please get scripts that will help crack the site.Script # Perl is just the thing to break contact.It is not yet well developed, but it is possible to sort contacts and passwords to find among them the right using it.Also passl text file.txt you can find a database of contact passwords.It can search the Internet.You can find other scripts, one has only to look.

There are also special programs that allow you to hack a particular page or view the page closed.For example, Vkracker program will help to change the user's data and read others' posts Vkontakte.


Another interesting way of breaking - using keyloggers.Keyloggers - a special hardware device or program that can monitor all keystrokes on the keyboard and clicking the mouse keys and pressing date.These data are recorded, stored in a separate file, which then takes hold of the attacker.You just need to get the most appropriate, install it, and all the information it will retain its own.

Now you know how to hack into the contact page.This can be done in every one, but the purpose of these actions is one and it is illegal!So you invade the personal information of another person and can incur punishment for it.Think a hundred times before trying to crack someone's page.