How to download videos from the contact on the computer?

How to download videos from the contact on the computer?

Most of us have long been registered in the social network "Vkontakte".We write to it with friends, share photos, watch the news in the life of friends and listen to music and watch a variety of videos.But not all users have constant access to the Internet, and someone wants to save your favorite videos to your computer.Surely, you have heard that other users easily download videos and music, but did not know how they do it.The following discussion focuses exactly on how to download videos from the contact on the computer as simply and quickly.How to download videos from the contact?This will help special programs about the most popular of them, we'll talk.

How to download videos from the contact -

program is very convenient to download videos and music with your computer using the popular vksaver program (website audiovkontakte ru.).By installing this free program on the computer, the user can download audio and video fairly quickly, without leaving from the site.After installing vksaver site "Vkontakte" next to each video and audio recordings appears blue icon with the letter "s" or the word "save".Set a program to download videos from the contact:

  1. On the proposed site click on the big green button "Download".
  2. sure to close all other open browser windows.
  3. Open the downloaded installation file and install VKSaver, like any other program, step by step.
  4. Congratulations!The program is installed, you can download videos from the contact free.Audio recordings are also available for download.

How to download videos from the contact on the computer on?

  1. vksaver After installation, open the browser again and load your own personal touch.
  2. next to any video and audio blue button should appear with the letter "s" or "save" the word.We find the desired video and click on the new button.
  3. take you to a page where there is a red "Download" button.Clicking on it with the left mouse button, the video will remain in the "download" folder in My Documents.And if you click on the right mouse button and select "save as", then you have the opportunity to decide for themselves the folder to which you download videos from the contact.

Thus, the user can download videos and music from any page in touch, wherever he went.The program will run on Windows XP, Windows VISTA and Windows 7. Do you worry whether the program will act as your browser?Videos downloaded from the contact in Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari using vksaver.

With this program video from the contact does not swing?If you were not "save" button:

  • Scan your computer with an antivirus program,
  • Restart the computer,
  • Disable the firewall.

You can use other programs to download content "VKontakte".Many users consider other options here in this thread: http: // / question / 31203636 /

Good luck!