How to download music from " Odnoklassniki " ?

Как скачать музыку с "Одноклассников"?

Not so long ago, to be exact in 2011 social network "Odnoklassniki" has expanded its functionality.Now you can download your music on the page, or use the search for alien files and add your favorite currently.This, of course, great, but we are interested in something else: how to download music from the "Discover"?The answer will give our article.

download music from "Odnoklassniki"

How to download free music from "Odnoklassniki"?First, we consider the case, how to download music through the "Classmates" using the Mozilla Firefox browser.Yes, sharpen your attention to the fact that download music from "Odnoklassniki" Opera, for example, does not allow: not technically possible, this method is suitable only for users of Mozilla.

There is a specialized program to download music from the "Discover" is not difficult.Well, to be more literal, it is not a program at all, and a special plugin, add-on for your browser that is designed to capture the buffered data.

Instructions how to download music from "Odnoklassniki"

  1. Install Mozilla Firefox.To do this, follow the link: Mozilla Firefox and click "Upload."
  2. Install Plugin Video DownloadHelper.Here is a link to download: Video DownloadHelper.Select "Download Now" after the installation, restart the browser.
  3. Go to your page in the "Classmates".
  4. included the song you want to download.
  5. Litsezrim colored balls moving next to the address bar, eyes are black triangle to the right of them.
  6. Hit it, of course!
  7. Click on our song list.
  8. In the save file window, select the directory in which you will save the file.To be sure to add the file name extension.mp3 ".! (without the quotes)
  9. Done

Many say:" I want to download music from the "Odnoklassniki", Chrome does not load plugin :( "Your problem has a solution, and name it - web services for storing streaming data.. Slozhnovato sounds agree.

We act easier. click on the following link: VideoSaver:

  1. are currently viewing window labeled "Download video».
  2. right click the mouse on it and save as a bookmark, now it depends onwhat browser you are using.
  3. Then go to the "Classmates", run our song.
  4. during playback directly from the tab to the "Classmates" go on to create a bookmark.

pop-up window labeled "Download." I think there difficultiescan not be :) We told you about two ways of downloading music from the "Odnoklassniki", use them and download your favorite songs easily!